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New DelhiDelhiIndia, 110058

Words in my humblest opinion are the ultimate source of power, if used precariously and I believe in penning down, my meticulously choosen words, into the field of architecture, for having done my minors in it. 
Delving across the field of architecture, I developed my area of interest around the not-so famous but influential field of architecture journalism. No it is not a different field, it is a part of architecture even though many have this pre-concieved notion that it is a different field altogether but it is not. 
With this power of words by my side, I intend to reach across the masses on the observed and the unobserved issues of architecture, striving to make a mark.
"Let my work say it all!"

Services Provided

Designing spaces, apart from the major in writing down on the issues of architecture along with writing down on architecture.


Architecture Journalism

Provide Services In

Design, Content Writing on architecture, Creative Writing

Key Projects

  • Seeds of Innocence as an intern architect under the reputed award winning firm, Studio-An-V-Thot based in Delhi.

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