Architectural Excellence - Eco-friendly 1 Hotel South Beach, in Miami

Architectural Case Study Dated:  May 29, 2015
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Swimming Pool

Launched by Barry Strenlicht, the “1 Hotels” luxury brand built a vision that started from a basic simple observation: “the world around us is beautiful and we want to keep it that way”.  From there, the brand worked at re-inventing the industry’s standard for socially responsible hospitality.

It chose to follow the motto of “Designed by Nature, inspired by our surroundings”.

As a first project, “1 Hotels” picked to entirely renovate the old Gansevoort Hotel Miami that closed down earlier instead of building a new hotel from scratch; thus going back and supporting the founding motto.

Through its architecture, this drastic renovation displays nothing but a true celebration of nature with an eco-driven mission.

You’ll find nature in everything you touch, see, smell or taste.

Front View of Hotel

The renowned Meyer Davis Studio was in charge of redesigning the interior of the hotel with all of the above in mind.

Occupying an entire block on Collin’s Avenue in Miami, the 1 Hotel South Beach sits directly on 600 feet of beachfront, allowing it to have very generous views.

The hotel offers the choice between 426 rooms that all have a very Zen mood accent. The color palette ranges from natural white to light beige, giving the rooms a light and airy feel. Floor to ceiling windows offer natural lighting, bringing the outside in as well as blurring the boundary between what is artificial and what is natural.

At a more detailed level, you can notice rustic-edge wooden tables and gold coral-sea fans printed on walls, emphasizing natural materials and earthy references. 

Bedroom Design

Living Space

Part of their eco-friendly strategy comes also by raising awareness of the consumption and recycling of paper. Replacing a pen and pad, you will find a mini chalkboard on the bedside table and when you open your closet, you will even discover that the hangers are made from recycled paper!

Following that design approach and strategy applied to the rooms, the architects at Meyer Davis Studio created an entrance and lobby that are just as eco-friendly.

When one approaches the hotel, he will enjoy 3,000 feet of green wall, composed of 11,000 varieties of plants, leading him to the main lobby.

At a first glance, the main material, being wood, pops out directly. However, the interesting part is not the material itself but rather where it comes from.
The ceiling is made of wood reclaimed from water towers in Alaska. Some of the furniture laid in the lobby is made with fallen trees from South American rainforests.

Dine Area

Dining Space

I think “1 Hotels” succeeded at establishing a new standard for hospitality management. The luxury brand raised the bar for other hotel chains to attain.

It is not only about designing a hotel that looks great but also about allowing it to dictate a lifestyle that promotes eco-friendliness.

In my opinion, architects at Meyer Davis Studio respected the vision of the brand and elevated it to an additional level.  They understood that designing with that approach will entail an additional level of re-questioning of every design component and especially every design detail in a project.

They addressed large-scale concerns as well as small-scale ones; and because of that, the 1 Hotel South Beach in Miami consists today a great example of architecture at the service of nature.


Deck Design

Deck Design ideas


All images are courtesy of Eric Laignel

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