10 great Rangoli Ideas for your Home

Festive Decor Dated:  March 18, 2014
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Rangoli ushers happiness and prosperity into your home. Yet, for the suck-at-art bit of the population like me, the variety of stuff that is available in the market today, rangoli designing has never been quite so easy. And as we know Rangoli designs are quite a handful, yet can be customized in best colour and design combinations to portray unique look ! And now when Holi is on the cards, everybody is checking out the best designs on internet. Let’s check out the ten most popular designs of all time.

1)    The good old! Traditionally, rangoli designing was meant to be done with gulaal and rice powder. Every Holi/Diwali, it is a real treat to the eyes to take a walk in your neighborhood and admire the various rangoli designs. Why wait for Holi/Diwali when you can do it every single day of the year! Try different rangoli styles to usher the Goddess of wealth and prosperity every day to your home.

2)    Peacock: The peacock pattern is one of the most artistic and intricate rangoli designs that I’ve ever come across. Definitely not easy to make, but is a great eye-catcher.

3)    Grain and pulses rangoli patterns are very easy to make. You can draw a tentative pattern on the ground using chalk and fill the gaps with pulses of contrasting colors. It not only looks great, but easy on your back too!

Rangoli with colors and marigold petals in a bowl...Diwali dinner decorations!
uploaded by: Urmil Gupta

4)    The use of diyas is encouraged when you make a rangoli. Diyas lift up the rangoli in the best way possible, and create a lovely aura after twilight too.

5)    Floating rangolis are becoming increasingly popular because of the simplicity in creation. Have a rangoli made on water on an uruli, or south Indian bell-metal bowl and you’ll love the effect.

6)    For those that absolutely cannot get two circles to be of the same shape and size, you can design a rangoli with flowers. Typically, you can use marigold, or in recent times, even gerberas are used at the center of the design. Lay your flowers in an intricate yet creative way and enjoy the effect!

Dhanteras decor with flowers
uploaded by: Urmil Gupta

7)    Rangolis are part of a very old culture. It exists in south India as much as it does up north. Rangolis there are known by various names depending on the State. Basically, they are drawn on damp ground with rice powder, and the idea is to invite Goddess Lakshmi into your home. Kolams are drawn with geometry instruments even, with that level of accuracy. Kolams look great in a verandah or at the entrance of your home, and these are drawn every single day, down south. The technique might be a little difficult to master, but once you get the hang of it, it will transform to fun, rather than just an everyday chore.

Gold metallic leaves, rice rangoli, flowers and diyas make up this Diwali decor.
uploaded by: Urmil Gupta

8)    Rangoli design sieves are available in markets all over India which give you an intricate rangoli pattern, without having to labour for hours. Just put your colors on the sieve and enjoy the fun!

9)    Some rangoli patterns are simply available in the market in the form of stick-ons. If the work seems absolutely back-breaking but you want a rangoli to adorn your mandir floor, this is a pretty neat idea!

10)    Lastly, if the idea of making a full-fledged rangoli is too excruciatingly painful, keep your sanity and take a shortcut. Put a hollow cylinder on the floor and spread coloured powder all over it. Use some glitter and put it in the center. Easy, yet pretty. Spread these patterns over your floor to get a rangoli pattern in the easiest way possible. The beauty of it lies in the fact that it can be executed with any hollow pattern!

There is a desire for beauty within us everywhere. You could design a rangoli of your choice and have the most Do-It-Yourself fun you have had in ages.

So go ahead and try Rangoli at your home. And don't forget to share your pics with us on the Diwali ZingBoard!
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