10 Home Decorating Ideas for Navratri

Festive Decor Dated:  Sept. 25, 2014
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The advancement of autumn sees a high spirit of festivity in and around Indian neighbourhood. The “nine-nights” in the beginning of autumn mark the pristine period in Lunar Calendar when the omnipotent Goddess “Maa Durga” is worshipped immensely and passionately. Each night is given to the worship of one of the nine forms of Durga Shakti.

It is believed that during these pious days, the holy spirit prevails in the entire aura.  The surroundings are supposed to maintain that pristine charm. The interiors are deemed to be painted in that  kaleidoscopic Pooja theme with more of red and yellow. Unimpeachably, with the decor hype hitting the boundaries and plethora of decor choices available in the market, Navratra Decoration has become a trend. And it is a piece of cake for those who are ready to accept that Pooja decor challenge that requires a deadly combination of time, attention and efforts.

Well now that you are here, we have listed a few “easy-to-do” decor ideas for Navratra especially for you which would effortlessly make your house ready to welcome “Navratri”.

1. Flowers, Garlands and Wreaths:  Welcome the mightiest festival of the season with wreaths made up of “Gende Ka Fool” and other autumn flowers around entrance doors and windows. This signifies the beginning of “sharad navratra”. Moreover, the fragrance of these flowers especially “Genda” would mesmerize the entire house.

Navratri Flowers DecorationNavratri Home Decor Images

2. Kundan Rangoli/alpana: Kundan Rangoli or Bengali alpona designs in a potpourri of brightest colors not just soothe the eyes of visitors but the sweet earthy fragrance emanating from these colors beat drums of the beginning of pristine Pooja days.

Kundan RangoliNavratri Rangoli Decoration
Image source: http://stylesatlife.com/

3. Earthy greens, reds and yellows: Make sure that your interiors are ready for Navratri. Paint your home with ethnic and true colors of India – earthy green, reds and yellows would do. Get a wall makeover only if your budget allows. In other cases, it is best to replace the furnishings and decorative.

4. Ethnic curtains made up of Sarees/Chunnis: Ethnic touch is the prominent feature of Navratra Theme Decor and believe me, it is easily attainable too. Reuse your old sarees/chunnis especially those with broad gold plated borders as curtains. This might be time taking and hence plan it in advance.

5. Scented Candles, Reed Diffusers and Bakhoors: Nine holy nights of Navratra are believed to be few of the most pristine days of the year and hence you should make sure that your guests/visitors can easily sense that purity. Scented candles, reed diffusers and Arabian Bakhoors bearing the best combination of various fragrance notes may give an illusion of Pavitra Mandir!

Scented CandlesScented Candles
Image source: celebrateitindia.com

6. Navratra Paper Crafts:  You can find these in various online as well as offline stores or if possible, you can create your own. Painting and sketches of Maa Durga in a wide gamut of shape, sizes and colors would look good in any corner of the house.

Navratra Paper CraftsNavratra Paper Crafts
Image source: https://www.etsy.com/

7. Ornamental Dolls: Well, it’s Navratri time and so the local market would not disappoint you at all. Pick up a few collections of doll sets of various deities in desired colors and designs. Align them in a themed setting either on the side tables or near the Mandir. You can feel the Navratri vibes throughout the nine nights.

Ornamental DollsOrnamental Dolls
Image source: navarathri.com

8. Antiques and figurines: Now, if you are a true decor enthusiast, you are not gonna settle for less and creating a themed look is not too difficult either. Local shops sell a number of antiques and figurines of various Gods in different setting and when you place these decorative with ornamental dolls, your Pooja Decor would steal the best show in town, believe me!

 Navratri DecorNavratri Decor
Image source: religmuseum.com

9. Diya Decoration: Indian festivals are almost incomplete without Diyas. Place decorative Diyas in the Living Room and the Pooja Room to perk up your Pooja Decor endeavours.

Diya DecorationDiya Decoration
Image source: friendscircle4all.com

10. Clean, Cluttered space: And we forgot to mention, festive cleanings are the first thing you need to take care of. Also once, you have achieved a desire backdrop in each of your rooms, it’s important to see that the space is clutter free, especially the Pooja Room. Don’t overdo anything. Just keep it simple and natural!

By now, you might have begun creating the picture of your monotonous interiors incorporating this Pooja theme! Well, as of now all we would recommend you is to start acting, because  “Navratri”  is already knocking the doors!

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