15 awesome bed designs

Bedroom Design & Decor Dated:  Jan. 1, 2014
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Master bedroom, or a king's den as you would like to call it, must be at its best when it comes to decor. The only space in your house that can be inlaid with personal touches is your own bedroom. And an ideal bedroom is the one that strikes a poise between style and functionality. Furniture, of course, is the prerequisite which must be versatile- comfortable as well as swanky. However, this is where most of the homeowners are led astray. 

Often when you are carried away by the designs, the pricey budget issue cuts in and moreover, when you find something affordable, the design doesn't seem impressive even if you try to pretend that it is. Well, you need to do something to get over this crappy situation. 

The bottom line of whole situation lies in getting inspired with creative bed designs of all time and hiring the right professionals to get one implemented for you.  Here, have a look at 15 awe inspiring bedroom designs that are exclusively recommended by India's award winning design professionals. 

1. A  king's suite 

Images131010042405_11 copy.jpg

Home Designed by: Sonali Shah

The beds like this have just rolled in. One end of the bed frame is attached to the headboard and the other end is purposely left free without any support. To get the same setting

3. A bedstead in a nook 

Images131010043259_Guest's bedroom.6 copy.jpg Home Designed by: Sonali Shah

Carve out a space near the window to make room for a cozy corner like this. You don't actually need the furniture. Just lay down the mattress on an elevated platform and spruce up the space with cushions. You can also fix the TV on the wall facing the headboard. 

4. Plush bedding on a platform base 


Home Designed by: Dimple Kohli 

Add Indian touch to your bedroom with a traditional headboard in gold and black. Team up the setting  with equally luxurious bedsheets and cushions to boast an air of grandeur. 

12. Inclusive of bed tables 

Images20130909074658_childrens bed.JPG

Home Designed by: Shahen Mistry 

If you don't prefer the poster beds but want to have curtains around, this setting would work for you. Dress up the headboards with tall sheer curtains. However, make sure that the curtains do not look out of place. It should blend in the decor theme. 

14. A neon belt fencing the bed 

Images_O131010053026_RPP_9726 copy.jpg Home Designed by: Sonali Shah

Neon lights are in trend these days. And the best part- you can incorporate them in your decor in a unique way. The neon belt pretends to protect you from the evil powers that are lurking somewhere nearby. 

15. Finally, a bed on all fours

Images20130909081956_master bed room.JPG


Home Designed by: Shahen Mistry 

Well, sometimes you can't let go of your old furniture- a conventional bed with four legs. However, you can spruce it up with vibrant sheets, pillows and cushions. Find the matching bed tables to establish a symmetry in the decor. 

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