5 Dining Room Designs That You Will Love

Dining Room Design & Decor Dated:  June 13, 2014
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Designed by: Architect, Milind Pai

Your dining area, like the rest of your house, reflects your personal style more than anything else. But, there’s a lot of ideas to choose from when it comes to dining room design. From getting inspired by countryside dining rooms which reeked of taxidermy to the unique tables and chairs, we have seen them all!

Whether you are hunting for Easy Dining Room Designs for Small Spaces or those for spacious dining halls in your large condo, we have a few ideas up our sleeve that you will fall right for. Here’s some:

Contemporary: There are few things that class up your space as well as contemporary interiors can. Try urban kitschy, flea market or uptown designer stuff and make a fusion that will make your dining room a space to be proud of.

Geography rules! Have you ever thought how lovely globes look? Well, apparently, globes are décor accessories which have made their way back from their graves! If you think Chris Columbus or Vasco Da Gama were incredibly cool men, incorporate the Geography theme into your dining room décor and be enthused by this new style. You can pick up different sized globes and spyglasses from flea stores and impart a Victorian look to your space. Victorian, dated cutlery will complete the look, and leave you feeling like a Columbus!

Farmhouse: Farmhouse or countryside dining rooms were thought to be for a very fractional segment of the society until recently. But now, it’s a style you can adopt even in your city home, by just restructuring the theme. From what we see of the décor practices that have clawed their way back to fashion in 2014, fake taxidermy is one of them. People are creating the authentic farmhouse look in their living spaces using animal heads made out of paper Mache, cardboard and other

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materials. Among designing ideas, we’d suggest using descended, pendant lighting over your table, using dated cabinets and storage units that make your “farmhouse” dining space look like farmhouse interiors!

Ethnic: Or you can go ethnic! Recall ancient Dining Room Designs in India! Have you ever thought how amazing it would be if you put a cane dining table, cane chairs, accessorized them with Bandhani-covered cushions, had Brass plates and glasses and spoons and plastered your walls with muds and cut little niches in them to store ethnic Indian artifacts? Well, start thinking. Ethnic Indian designs look extremely chic and they’ll be the talk of the next dinner party you host, believe me!

Schoolhouse Décor: And then, there’s schoolhouse styles that look equally adorable and don’t go away from style, ever. If you have little persons growing up in the house, this is what you’re looking for. Bring in some painted tables and chairs, flowers, and a plethora of colors. Give the kids something to remember for life and get an incredibly cute dining room in the bargain! Not bad, eh?

Deciding on a design is a mix of what your circumstances demand, plus what you’re vying for, as a homeowner. Remember although, that your

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lies above everything else and décor can be a major bust, without it. Happy Decorating!

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