All I ever wanted was a perfect living space- and I am glad that I have much better!

Design & Decor Selfies Dated:  March 29, 2014
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Finally, I am glad to find a social space online where I can share my thoughts and photos- an enormous writing space to pen down a 2000 words essay (hold on, I am not going to do that), a space where I am surrounded by similar home decor enthusiasts, a place where I could share my stories and photos for free- our very own ‘HOME SELFIES ‘section on ZingyHomes!

As I always wanted a soothing and relaxing home that refreshes our mind and body when we return home after work. Though most of the decor ideas were my own, but I can recount that the best ones came from the interior designer we hired in the beginning.

Designer Aarti Mehta had played it up perfectly by putting glass shelves everywhere and an enormous mirror near the entrance. This has made our apartment’s look to be more spacious and clutter free. As for the white colour, we never mind going overboard to preserve its pristine look and feel.

After Aarti’s work was done, I and my husband Ashok took the charge of the whole thing. The house was designed keeping in mind the Vastu principles- everything including the wall paints, kids’ room setting and the temple direction is as per Vastu.

The early morning sun rays fall on the temple area and creates a tantalizing effect- keeping the mood pristine and serene. And hence, we prefer practicing Pooja early in the morning.

Then there is the mini bar counter that occupies a niche of the drawing room. This is where we love to spend time with friends.

Our balcony has an open roof- Since we stay at the topmost floor; we decided to cover it with a false ceiling. We couldn’t find a ceiling better than the one with wooden rafters and pendant lamps dangling down it. The lights and greenery around creates an exotic mood that other terraces lack. And as our Vastu expert had recommended having Southern part of the house heavier than the rest, a garden area was obvious- It takes up the entire terrace area.

And if you are wondering why the ceilings are not very high, I must tell you that this has also been done as per Vastu. Also, you can see a very low artefacts collection in our living and dining rooms. This is because of our pet dog that loves to roam around freely and tends to bump into anything!

There is no limit of dreams. The more you have, the lesser it seems.  But as for me, I am fully contended with whatever I have – a dream home that I have managed to keep the way I wished to. All I would ever ask for is some more time for maintenance- that’s what I am falling short of! 

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