An Escape into Anchor Pritee Kathpal's Apartment

The Story of My Home Dated:  July 28, 2014
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Pritee Kathpal

With her encyclopedic knowledge of fashion and well-trained eye for it, the rising star Pritee Kathpal has rolled into a celebrity who wears many hats. The leading emcee, the television actress and the TV host has worked with the top brands like Star Plus, Zee News, Godrej, P&G, Asian Paints and many more. A known face in TV soaps if you reckon;  Pritee has acted in popular television soaps like Pratigya, Maryada, Papad Pol, Ganga Ki Dheej, MTV  Girls Night Out, etc.

And of all the places, Pritee could also be found on fashion shows like Lifestyle, Pantaloon, Spykar Fashion Police, MTV Lakme House of Style and more.

Pritee KathpalPritee Kathpal

Here is a brief account of my short one-on-one chat with the multi dimensional personality in her dream house where she lives with her family.

Who all stay in your house and how do you maintain it?
I live with my family-  Dad, Mom and brother. Maintaining is not a big issue. It's well taken care of.

As one enters your house, what’s the best thing one can notice according to you?
You can notice my favorite curtains and a decorative wall by the dining table which is a rare composition of five mirrors. My dad is a civil engineer with a great sense of désign. According to  him mirrors make the house look bigger.

Any particular theme in your house, which you have followed while decorating it? What are the colors you have played with on the walls?
We have kept the drawing room simple and spacious with less furniture for get-togethers and parties. As for walls, we have kept it simple and bright. 

drawing roomDrawing Room

Can you describe your taste in furniture, paintings, decorative and they are picked up from?
Our furniture is designed by The Charcoal project- Sussane Roshan's design store. Moreover, instead of paintings I have my portfolios on the walls. Since everyone in the house prefers yellow lighting over white so we have a lot of yellow lights in addition to the intrinsic white ones. The chandelier in my drawing room is my favorite, it changes colors if we want. Also, it supports USB and can play music.

And your favorite possession would be..
My living room curtains- I admire their grandeur.

Living RoomLiving Room

How many rooms are in your house? Since when are you staying here? Also why did you choose to stay here?
I have three bedrooms. My house is on the 10th floor and has a westward facing hence is cool and airy up here. Also the society has a wonderful view surrounded by greens and provided with a swimming pool. Hence we chose to stay here.

Your favorite room in the house would be....
It's my bedroom, which is my own world and its decorated in my way with my photos on the wall and French windows and a parapet seating next to it which gives me a great view.

Wall DecorWall Decor

Can you describe your bedroom in detail for our readers?
My bedroom is my favorite room. Two of the walls have my pictures on them; I have a large dressing table with a full length mirror. My bed is a queen sized one so that my girlfriends can stay back after a pajama party. Being in the acting industry, I am fond of watching TV and my 34 inch LED is the best thing in my room. If given, I can lie down on my bed for a day and watch movies all day along. And not to mention the French window with a parapet seating where I can enjoy the lovely rain drops pouring down the glass panes.


And since I love reading so the shelf below the LED TV is for my favorite books and a picture of  Sri Ravi Shankar, a Shiv Ling, an idol of Lord Buddha and yes a family picture.

My awards and trophies are by my bedside buddies. I prefer these mementos over a bedside lamp. A girl's room definitely requires a lot of storage space for zillions of clothes, shoes, bags and much more and I am blessed with two huge wardrobes and a shoe rack. 

In short, my bedroom has everything that I need and in a way reflect my personality.

Apart from bedroom, what's the favorite corner in the house where we can find you hanging out most of the time?
It's the balcony in the drawing room where we smoke Sheesha.

smoking pipesmoking pipe

Would you show us around other rooms and describe them as you see it ?
Yeah sure. Why not?

My washroom has a huge mirror that’s my favorite and as I mentioned before we have a yellow lighting in here.

We have a modular kitchen with an electric chimney. I don’t use the kitchen much except the fridge and microwave. I don’t know how to cook so that’s all I can speak about my kitchen.

Garden Area
The society I live in is gifted with a breathtakingly beautiful sprawling green garden area. Here, you can have a look yourself..down the window.

Pritee KathpalPritee Kathpal

Now switching over to a question about the interior designing involved- Did you hire a pro? If not, was there any thought process involved in the decor?
We hardly required a pro. My dad is a civil engineer himself and has a great architectural and design sense.

Pritee KathpalPritee Kathpal

And lastly, what's the message you would like to share with other homeowners?
Being a actor, my life has been busy. I agree to this fact that adaptation under present day hectic circumstances requires a lot of thought process. We need a place to relax and feel at ease. So I must say-  Your home should give you the desired peace and happiness.

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