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The Story of My Home Dated:  Jan. 20, 2014
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It was a cold winter evening with rain drizzling down the street. The rain poured down the houses lying across the street after having swept the street. The enthusiasm of visiting this wonderful house doubled amid such a pleasant weather. While we made our way to the apartment, we were swept away by the beauty of the building  nestled among trees on all sides. We took our course straight to the elevator and landed on the second floor, the elevator opening on to an imposing, large wooden door. There was Anu, a young beautiful mother of two, waiting to greet us and show us around her simple yet majestic home. Anu, a Delhi based socialite believes in subtle,  sophisticated décor and never gets carried away by funky colors  or fancy, opulent decor. I found her home to be simple and elegant just like her own self.  

Anu in her seating space Anu in her seating space

As I entered, I was gestured to a small space was carved out near the entrance where  a lively green sofa had been placed to welcome guests as soon as they enter the house. As I sat there on the Italian sofa,  sipping on the hot cup of Coffee served by her, I couldn’t take my eyes off  the overall attention to detail in imparting the home a very contemporary look.  The room where I sat had an elite look; In fact I must confess, every room was classy and elegant yet understated. On the wall where the sofa rested, there were three mirrors, each criss-crossing beautifully across its length so as to create a collage of small frames that made one single mirror. When asked about the enigma associated with the mirror, Anu said “We don’t believe in Vastu, but these mirrors have been placed facing the entrance door to absorb all the bad energy.” The wallpaper on the wall with the mirrors was completely unnoticed until the time she mentioned it herself. It blended perfectly with the wall like a camouflage.

Dining room view from the entrance Dining room view from the entrance 

The Layout

The home layout has been beautifully planned. The seating space near the entrance  seems to extend further into the dining room. The family believes in openness and Anu, herself wants to be able to see everyone in her family at onle glance and so the concrete wall  separating the lobby from the dining-kitchen area and the passage to the 3 bedrooms was done away with and replaced with glass.

Right in front of the dining room there is an open kitchen followed by an alley that leads to her daughter’s room, a guest room/media room, her own room and a hang out zone.  For Anu, this design concept was nearly a dream come true. Since everyone stayed at the same floor and she didn’t have to make calls to her children from ground floor to first floor, she was more than just glad. The clean lines, the play of light and shadow here and there, and sense of space gave a complete Zen look to the house.

The Drawing Room

drawing room The drawing room

Every aspect of this room was bespoken – the lighting, the furniture, the furnsihings, and the lamp. The best part was that no designers were involved; every bit of design inputs were from her son and daughter or you can say from the entire family. Anu is much inspired by the contemporary look of the homes she has been to on her frequent trips abroad, so she wanted something similar for her own home.

Reflection of living room in the lamp Reflection of living room in the lamp

The story of the room revolves around a round shaped lamp, which reflects the entire room in a very interesting way. As Anu said, everything in the room was mixed and matched so as to strike a chord with this lamp.

The flower vase and the curtain embriodery complements each otherThe flower vase and the curtain embriodery complements each other

The curtain was done and the tables were moved in; and a vase with beautiful red roses was bought to complement the embroidery on the curtains. And of all things, there was a red sofa set to add alively aura to the surrounding.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Anu believes in the philosophy of clean kitchen and hygienic eating. When kitchen comes to the scene, what one would instantly think is, utensils piled up on the counter tops or unwashed dishes stacked in the wash basin. But, Anu’s kitchen was far different. It was indeed one of the finest and cleanest kitchens I have ever seen. Infact, the Zen look made it look like kitchen dummy/models as those displayed in the showrooms. There is a small pantry attached to the kitchen where all the washing and cleaning is done. This is perhaps the secret behind her Zen kitchen. Also, carving out a separate space for the washing is a far- fetched idea in most of the kitchens. Really a smart use of space - I must say.

Anu in her kitchen Anu in her kitchen 

A kitchen table with two bar stools was aligned near the entrance for a quick breakfast. And then there was the dining room - a perfect combination of black, white and red. This room has an interesting story too which began with the red-black-yellow embroidery she had done on the blinds. Everything in the room was then bought to gel with this color/design combination.  So there is a black dining table with black, high back chairs, a black chest with hues of red and off-white thrown in generously by means of vases or flowers or trinkets here and there. To liven up the place further, she loves to place T-lights in focus areas around the room for formal dinners. She has also cleverly used the confine light technique to focus on the dining table.


Dining Room A Zoomed Out View of the Dining Room

Daughter’s Room

Daughter's bedroomDaughter's bedroom

The daughter, a student of interior design herself, wanted her room as she had dreamed of in the fairytales when she was young. She eventually developed a keen sense for aesthetic design as she grew up and has now given her dream a sort of grown-up look. The room looks distinctly different from the rest of the home but like the rest of it, this room has an understated elegance about it as well. Its a fine balance. Doesn't look overdone, even though she has posters and frames hanging on the walls! Her butterfly shaped bed with a golden color frame matching the bedsheet, is like that of a princess. She took the initiative to design the curtains herself. The silver flower accents on the wall and a pair of bean bags add life to the room.

Hang Out Zone Hang Out Zone

Living Room

The Hang-Out Zone 

Nothing can replace the gravity like pull of this particular zone. A small place at the corridor right after her daughter’s room was reserved for what I love to term, the “HANG-OUT-ZONE”- an awesome place to hang out with friends. A big ground couch has been placed at the corner, with multi-color cushions to pep up the areas. The couch is oh-so-comfy and inviting! A small table has been placed in the front for all the munching you need to do when with friends! The area is rejuvenating with the sweet chirruping of love birds, placed in a corner of the zone.  I couldn’t resist sitting at that particular place and it was so inviting every time I looked at it.

Guest Room/Media Room

Guest Room The Media Room

The media room serves the entertainment needs of the family. Though every room has its own LCD TV, this is the place the family gets together to watch movies and ofcourse the T-20's! Perfect lights, to create the atmosphere and an enormous screen, 5:1 surround speakers well positioned and a projector, give the room a complete movie hall like atmosphere.

Bedroom The Media Room

A large elevated mattress with extended room to sit on, aong its three sides, occupies the centre of the room where everyone can sit together and enjoy the show. All this tells a lot about the unity of this wonderful family where finally everybody gathers together after taking a short break from their usual hectic schedule. And, this is what Anu has always dreamt of!

In the nutshell, Anu’s home really turned out the way she had desired. Initially, there was a vision, which was soon powered by her determination and then supported by her efforts, and not to mention the strong support of her family that acted as a catalyst in taking off her dream to materialization. 

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Photo Credits: Riku Sharma

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