Artistic lamps that add beauty to darkness

New Launches Dated:  March 30, 2015
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Root Lamp

Nothing looks better than a design that has been meticulously crafted. A lamp may look simple but the style of design speaks a lot about the variations of a particular piece of artwork. Below are the new launches from Sahil & Sarthak collections:-

Root Lamp: This table lamp is a part of the root collection developed for an upcoming neemrana hotel property. The inspiration is from a root of a plant, therefore the product seems to have grown from the top to the bottom. When lit, the root mesh created a beautiful light and shadow effect around the lamp.

Pin Tuck Pendant Lamps

Pin Tuck Pendant Lamps: The Pintuck lamps are a collection of pendant drop lamps, hand crafted in brass or copper, accentuated by folds in metal inspired by the pin tuck technique used on fabrics. These lamps are available in different shapes and sizes with finishes ranging from metallic to patinas.

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