Bakshis' Villa: awaiting a grand renovation!

The Story of My Home Dated:  Jan. 16, 2014
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Lying in the niche of the famous MG Road that knifes through the center of Gurgaon, is a pathway that separates itself from the road and runs left into the residential zone. The narrow lane is dotted with beautiful villas on either side; These houses seems accentuated even in the subtle light of the dusk. A three storeyed villa stands proudly on the road, situated only a little distance away from where the road terminates. 

Mr. Bakshi came all the way downstairs, near the large iron gate to gesture us indoors. The three storied villa features a basement, a ground floor and a floor above. We were led indoors via a narrow doorway; A few steps up the stairs, on the ground floor, there stood a door that opened to reveal a warm and inviting living room. With walls painted in subtlest shade of lemon yellow and floors embellished with designer carpets,the living room boasted a special warmth - of neutrality, of a judiciously achieved minimalist decor that mirrors the traits of modern Indian culture and also the reflection of personalities who have nurtured it over a period of almost one decade.

Mr Bakshi, a former General Manager of the Delhi Golf Club, gives all the decor credits to his wife who holds a great contribution in decorating the interiors. However, being a GM of Delhi Golf Club for a significant number of years, Mr. Bakshi became acquainted with all sorts of purchases and eventually with those related to interior decor. The villa was constructed back in 2004 and with Mr. Bakshi's sound insights on home decor products, interior decor was definitely not a rocket science for them! 

1.jpg Mr. and Mrs. Bakshi in their living room

According to Mr. Bakshi, the house is still to undergo the renovation process which is due in March. The husband and wife are delighted by what is yet to come. While we sat down in the living room and chatted over their home decor, Mr. Bakshi gave a brief account of the upcoming renovation process.

Current Decor Setting 

Looking at the way the decor has been done, it was not easy to tell whether the house needs a revamp any sooner. Yet, it has been a long time since they had planned any major interior changes, the family feels this is a perfect time to start a revamp.  

Here is what I found interesting in The Bakshis' home.

The Living Room

2.jpg The living room 

Furniture was aligned in a cozy setting on the space along one corner of the spacious rectangular room; The tall windows were dressed up with lavish curtains in neutral shades of tan and gold. The couches were furnished with tan upholstery that matched the color of the curtains billowing in the background. A designer red carpet was beautifully laid out on the floor and to establish a color symmetry in the setting, fancy cushions with red embroidery were perched on the couches. 

The Dining Space

3.jpg Dining Space when viewed from the living room 

The other corner of the long rectangular space housed the dining room. The dining table occupied the entire space; yet leaving ample space near the entrance. The chair upholstery matched with that of the cushions and the carpet in the living room, thus preserving the symmetry in the decor. 

4.jpg The glass cabinet 

A tall glass cabinet loaded with decor accents stood in the dining room, almost facing the entrance door. There was nothing exceptional about the construction, yet the high quality glass was conspicuous to the sight. 

The Master Bedroom 

5.jpg Master Bedroom

A roomy bedroom with the bed stashed towards one side is the place where Mr. Bakshi loves to spend his quality time. The opposite wall houses the TV which makes it his favorite spot at home. On the other hand, what Mrs. Bakshi loves about her bedroom is its serene aura. She personally supports the Vastu concept strongly which lays emphasis on selecting light colors for the bedroom. Light shades promise peace and keep the aura lively. 

However, she would prefer having one wall green, which, will be taken care of once the renovation process begins.

Other Bedrooms/ Guest Rooms 

6.jpg The Guest Room with Pooja Mandir

Apart from the master bedroom, there were two other bedrooms; Both the rooms were embellished with finest furnishing and upholstery, which Mrs. Bakshi herself took care of. Though the walls were don in neutral yellow, the sheets and upholstery featured darker tones, thus establishing a contrast in the decor.

The Kitchen 

7.jpg Mrs. Bakshi in the Kitchen

One of the striking aspects about the home layout was kitchen design. Ample space was carved out for the kitchen thus making cooking an easy and enjoyable experience.

Renovation Plan

Coming back to the renovation plan Mr. Bakshi has in mind, he stated that they have already hired an interior designer who is looking forward to making the required amendments soon. There are two major amendments that everybody is waiting for-

1.The Basement Renovation: According to Mr. Bakshi, the basement is to be converted into a home gymnasium.

2.Topmost Floor Renovation: The top floor is to be revamped and converted into a home partying club.

Check out this space in few months to see the Before-After Transformation!

When asked about her dream home, Mrs. Bakshi thoughtfully expressed her strong opinions. For her, a dream home would be no different if it isn't backed with security and safety features. Apart from a spacious and airy home that allows the morning sun rays indoors, Mrs. Bakshi is all for a house with CCTV camera embedded in the entry door and an alarm bell to alert her in case of unwanted intrusions.

Our chatting session was interrupted by their cute granddaughters Navya  and Sia who intervened in between and joined us to state their opinions about their dream home. I was amazed to see how much clarity they had over what their dream rooms would look like! The kids would prefer ivory color for the walls and wished their home to feature something extraordinary, out-of-the-box which was inexplicable yet was assumed to be remarkable indeed! 

8.jpg Sia and Navya 

The Bakshis are earnestly looking forward to the upcoming renovation. It might take months or possibly a whole year until completion. However, follow up with this article to get decor updates from them! 

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Photo Credits: Riku Sharma

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