Interior Design Ideas for Bathrooms

Bathroom Interiors Dated:  Nov. 11, 2014
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Master Bathroom Design by: Yatin Pandya

Bathrooms mean bath, comfort, relaxation and relief. People go out of the way to design customized bathrooms that accommodate not only the basic requirements of a bathroom but also their own particular whims and fancies. These idiosyncrasies may seem trivial to an outsider but to the owner it may be the difference between nothing and everything. Trouble starts brewing only when what we envisaged and planned is poles apart from what we see once the bathroom is done and ready. The only way to avoid such a situation is to know what you want and describing it most accurately and in a detailed manner to the constructor or designer. All bathrooms must have plumbing, drains, vent stacks, wet walls and vent stacks. Chose the right and most durable plumbing options and make sure that you get what you asked.

Modern Theme Bathroom, Design by: Living Edge Architects & Designers

Number of wet walls

All bathrooms have either one to three wet wall plans. In a single wet wall option the toilet, shower and sink will all line up along one wall and this gives you the most cost effective option. But, it also limits your creative dreams.

Two wall layouts allows you more elbow room and you can plumb the sink and toilet on one wall and use the other wall for the tub and shower. It is one of the most common combinations and also most used. The three wet wall combination happens to be most versatile and also most expensive and at times complicated. Hence the best option would be to check your pocket, space and dreams before you decide to go with any of the three wet wall options.

Bathroom Sink, Design by: Kapil Aggarwal

Bathroom Sink

You can either go with the integral one piece vanity counter or install an under mount bathroom sink. In both cases you can easily wipe off all the mess on the counter in to the sink and keep it easily clean and tidy. Then there are the Self rimming bathroom sinks which are the most economical and also very easy to install. The only minus point in this case would be the fact that the perimeter lip of these sinks tends to collect dirt and gets pretty grimy; unless cleaned regularly which mostly is not the case because this part of the sink is often not visible.

Mirror work on black wall, Design by: 999 interiors Interiors

Mirror and Lighting

General bathroom lighting consists of ceiling mounted features but when it comes to the bathroom mirror the ideal scenario would be to have lights mounted on each side of the mirror because that is one area where lighting is most central. The level of these lights shouldn’t be higher than your eye level and there should be a third light just on top of the mirror. This arrangement reflects light on your face from both sides and top and eliminates the unwanted shadows. Otherwise make sure that the sunlight filters in targeting your face and not the mirror.

You can also use lighting to enhance the style of the bathroom. Make tasteful use of chandeliers or pedant lights. Your bathtub and shower can have the vapour proof down-lights while you can throw spotlight on an architectural feature or create a sparkle and shimmer with the help of accent lights.

Master Bath with Sunk in BathtubBathtub Design by: Shahen Mistry


Bathtubs are increasingly becoming the choicest piece in the Indian bathrooms; though even as little as a decade ago only the high class or upper middle class Indian homes had bathtubs. Today most middle class homes are opting for bathtubs and they are fast gaining favour in the bathroom designs of Indian homes. Bathtubs tend to have a strong impact on the decoration and look of the bathroom and can be either incorporated in one of the wet walls or be free standing with a pedestal base or ball and claw feet. The choice available in the market is pretty wide when it comes to bathtubs. You can further enhance this area with a choice of fine fixtures and gadgets. Depending on your choice you can go for either a soaking tub or a whirlpool tub. The contemporary bathtubs are sold in waterproof materials like – Tiles, limestone, marble or even wood.

Shower Space in Master Bathroom, Design by: Architect Rajesh Patel Consultants Pvt. Ltd.


You can bring that resort spa home with a number of ceiling mounted rain showers with all sorts of shower heads and you can also combine these with vertical shower heads to generate a crisscross of water showers massage. The handheld shower heads can be used for functions like rinsing and washing your hair and cleaning out the shower stall. A tastefully done tile work can make this area of your bathroom quite stunning. You can chose to go with tiles, marble or water proofed wood for the walls as most shower stalls are made of frameless glass.

Grand carved mirror frame with golden cabinetsGrand carved mirror frame with golden cabinets, Design by: Arbaysis Ashley


There was a time when single cabinet used to do for the bathroom but the modern bathrooms have come up with a number of varieties that range from wall mounted cabinets to storage hutches and single or double vanities. You can always select your own style from traditional, contemporary, antique or vintage looks. You can also have them designed to your personal order or pick them from the market which offers all sorts of price ranges and styles.

Granite Flooring in bathroom, Design by: Kapil Aggarwal


Bathroom floors need some consideration. They need to be slip resistant and impervious to water while also being attractive. The most common selection is the stone or ceramic tiles but you can also go with a honed floor finish that provides a different level of traction. Just make sure that whatever choice you make; fits in with the theme of walls and ceiling.

Luxury Bathroom, Design by: Nostri Architects


Bathrooms are very often a sanctuary or favourite retreat with many of us and we often wish to pamper and spoil ourselves once we are in that vicinity. You can go for a number of options – Television, sound systems, beverage counter; in-floor radiant heating that takes that winter chill out of the floor. In the contemporary scenario you can go crazy with all sorts of crazy and over the top options when it comes to even the plumbing and fitting.

To finish it all up throw in some good amount of colour and tastefully done windows and see how your bathroom turns into your home away from home and a safe haven within the four walls of your abode.

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