5 Bohemian Home Decor Tips

Bohemian Decor Dated:  June 4, 2015
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Bohemian Living Room; Source: www.decor4all.com

Home décor is said to be a reflection of the decorator’s personality. The way I perceive it, the décor is a representation of the decorator’s journey: emotions and thoughts. It’s a portal that depicts their past as well as their dreams and aspirations. 

Of late, the Bohemian culture is resurfacing in our society.  The Bohemians were considered to be adventurous free folk, who were artists, musicians or writers. They loved travelling, believed in love and freedom and they collected various artifacts from all around the world. Today, the bohemian effect can be seen everywhere, in our attire, our lifestyle and even in our home décor! Bohemian décor indulges in a lot of play with color and prints. The décor is never plain, but instead is vibrant and eye-catchy.  Extravagance is not a criterion for this décor, even minimal use of color but in an idyllic manner can be a part of the Bohemian trend.

Every Bohemian enthusiast should be aware of certain aspects which not only express the free spiritedness but also leaves an ever lasting impact on the viewer! Here are a few of them:

Bohemian Style Wall Decor & Table

Bohemian Style Wall Decor & Table. 
Source: vintangefarmhouseme.blogspot.com

Creative Corners 

The corners in a Bohemian themed home are never left unattended. There’s always the presence of either an artifact, colorful drapery or wall art which is highlighted. The color scheme need not be monochromatic. Splashes of different colors in a balanced manner results in vibrancy!

Bohemian Style corner decor

Bohemian Style corner decor. Bohemian Style corner decor.
Source: anindiansummer-design.blogspot.com Source: blog.freepeople.com4437386277in/pool-685007@N25/

The Couch Effect

A couch or a sofa is the centre of attraction in any room. Usually, a smart way to ensure that the theme isn’t disrupted is by having a printed couch. The prints could be either traditional or Aztec or even a combination of various prints, thus portraying the Bohemian scheme. If the couch is of a solid color, the cushions and pillows could be contrasting and a mish-mash of colors!

Couch Effect

Bohemian Style Couch. Source: bohemianhomes.tumblr.com                                                Bohemian Style sofa. Source: tispsytessie.blogspot.com 

Wall Art

An important aspect to be kept in mind is that the walls shouldn’t be left blank. A fabulous way of portraying Bohemianism is by painting the walls. This displays the decorator’s passion and creativity as well. The other options include covering the wall with either travel or family photographs or displaying colorful tapestry.

Wall Art

Bohemian Style Wall Art. Source: luxxculture.coma                                                                Bohemian Style Wall Art.  Source :urbanoutfitters.comaa

Celestial Ceilings

Often while decorating a room, the fifth wall or the ceiling is left unattended. The décor on the ceiling could be very simple with maybe just a chandelier or it could be innovative such as umbrellas reformed into lanterns, thus creating a mesmerizing appeal.

Celestial Ceilings

Bohemian Style Ceiling. Bohemian Style Ceiling.
Source: alexispress.com Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/thissundaychild/ 4437386277in/pool-685007@N25/

Funky lighting

 Even the most beautiful interior fails to leave an impact on the viewer unless the lighting in the room illustrates every aspect of detail. The lighting can be minimalistic with simple fairy-lights hung by the walls or portray lavishness by suspending decorative lanterns from the roof.

Funky lighting

Bohemian Style Lighting. Bohemian Style Lighting.
Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/technowannabe/157338991/ Source: thehunt.com 4437386277in/pool-685007@N25/

So a shout-out to all the Bohemian lovers, what’s holding you back? Let your mind wander and let’s go boho this summer!

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