Bohemian Style Dining Room

Bohemian Decor Dated:  Aug. 18, 2014
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Designed by- Interior Designers, Sandesh Prabhu

The thing about having Bohemian style décor is this – It gives you all the freedom you want in the world. You’re free to do whatever you wish! And sometimes, with Décor, isn’t that the dream? To have the freedom to paint your walls pink or green, with texture maybe, and have Jute furniture and English paintings lining your walls? So, let us start the imagination process!

1)    What colours do you like? What look has always been your pet and you could never do much about it because of societal norms? This is the time. Break free! Try all kinds of colours, textured paints, wallpapers or decals that have ever captured your attention. Wallpapers in bright shades or that smoke blue textured paint which always felt too bold could seamlessly be incorporated into your home if you’re planning bohemian dining décor.

2)    Do you have a smelly, dusty attic that has all that heirloom from your family history? Have you locked down things that seemed out of fashion at the time? Don't worry. Empty out some of that space. Bohemian décor doesn't need "new" fashion to go with it! Anything from a wicker chair to long stools or rustic wooden chairs like the above an old grandfather's clock will be well suited to your space. Play free!

3)     Always loved the shabby looking rugs at that cheap flea place but couldn't get them thinking it would kill the elite look of your space? Well, now you can! Bohemian décor allows you to incorporate anything you like into your precious home, from a rug that costs you Rs. 60, to a flower vase that sets you back a grand. Choose your accents straight out of your heart, this is a chance to think out of the box and  iconoclast the norms of

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4)     CREATE! This is probably my greatest love in the world. Creating something from nothing. A few old planks of wood can be brought together, painted and made into a lovely table that accentuates the boho look of your dining space. Create décor accents out of old paint tins or pickle jars and personalize your space like nothing ever could!

5)      Bohemian décor is characterised by a lot of warmth. Use warm colours like reds, yellows and oranges to bring out the look of the place. Use fresh flowers in flat bottomed vases in your dining space to make the boho look ethereal. What's more, if you have children, they'll appreciate this easy space in the house all the more.

Boho décor, apart from letting your imagination run wild and free with you, is also colossally easy on your purse strings, as you can raid your attic for most of it! The only thing about Boho décor in a dining room though, is that its best done if you have a separate corner in your house for it, especially if the rest of your décor is prim and proper and not Boho! Go, explore.

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