A Peek into Actor Nasir Khan's Noor Villa

The Story of My Home Dated:  July 24, 2014
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Nasir Khan

For those who can easily recognize this talented Indian actor by face but could not recall his name, I must remind you that Nasir Khan has acted in various Bollywood Movies and TV Serials. Nasir is one of the few faces of Indian Film and Television Industry who has earned a lot of fame in such a short time span and at present has gotten lost amid new faces. Yet, when it comes to his movies, the list is too long - Baghban, Kitne Door Kitne Pas, Yeh Mohabbat Hai, Aashiq, Lajja, Dushman Duniya Ka are some of the popular films Nasir has worked in.

Ask a TV soap afficionado; they recognize this face quite well from their strong reminiscence of his characters in various episodes of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kasauti Zindagi Kay, Kesar, Kasak, Aashirwad, Yeh Dil Maange More, Kittie Party, Who, Kabhie Aayen Na Judai, and many others.

And of all places, Nasir could also be found on TV shows like Laughter ke Phatke, Kyunki Yeh Hai Hasya Kavi Muqabla, Breakfast with Zee, Pehli Mulaqat, Zee & U, Videocon Flashback, Doublemint Doublemazaa, etc. 

The actor started his career from Commerical Films like Pepsi, Halls, Rasna, Tata, Crush, Shahi Mint, Vardhaman Wool, Basmati Rice and many other popular brands in India.

ZingyHomes team was really honored to visit the star in person.Here are the edited excerpts from my cordial rendezvous with Actor Nasir Khan in his beautiful NOOR VILLA,which on all accounts mirrors the complete personality of the actor!

Since when are you staying here? Also why did you choose to stay here?
I have been staying here more for than 25 years. I have seven rooms in my house and it gives me peace and relief. I feel blessed.

Who all stay at your house? How do you maintain it?
My wife, my mother and my kids stay here with me. Maintaining it is a big issue as it is a huge bungalow with a lot of space inside as well as outside.

As one enters your house, what’s the best thing one can notice according to you?
The openness of the house which creates a beautiful comfort zone inside. (Laughs)…

Any particular theme in your house, which you have followed while decorating it?
I love simplicity. All I want is my house to be clutter free….(laughs)

Can you describe your taste in furniture, paintings, decorative and where they are picked up from?
I want things to be contemporary- simplistic, cultured & dignified. Each furniture piece is subtly designed and  everything has been bought from Mumbai itself….feeling happy.

What are the colours that you have played with on the walls?
As I told you that I am fond of simple and subtle things and therefore  the walls of my house are painted with off white to reflect more brightness in the space.

What's your favourite corner in the house?
This piece of sofa is my favorite- where I lay down and watch TV all the time, mainly English & Hindi films.

Your favorite possession would be?
The TV remote, for which I have to fight with my 2 daughters and son….(laughs)

What's your most cherished piece of painting or home decor item? Where did you pick it up from and why is it so special?
A signed autographed painting from Muhammad Ali the boxer to my father and also by the greatest Johnny Walker.

Would you like to show us around and describe the rooms as you see it? 

Yeah sure. The drawing room is very open, with a lot of space in between. A sofa set by the balcony, to sit & watch TV from. A hanging chair to just relax. A huge TV backed up by the latest surround sound for virtual reality.

My bedroom casts a simple picture with a king size bed, closets & a dressing table. 

The entire house is kept very contemporary yet style is taken care of. Overall, the house is open and spacious and clutter free. 

The kitchen is very modern- chic and classy.The garden is area is huge and open.Washrooms are also very modern & fitted with the best amenities. Clean and hygienic you can say.

Does the decor reflect the personality of those living within?
Yes it does simple & dignified…feeling great.

Did you hire a pro? If not, was there any thought process involved in the decor?
I have my own interior designer “My Spouse Shabana” who takes care of all the design and decor.

How often do you revamp their interiors?
Every 3-5 years depending on the wear & tear.

Lastly, what’s your message to the other homeowners?
A house should be a home first & not an office or a museum. A place where a child can be a child, run around, break things, jump on the sofa, play around & grow.

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