Cafe Buzzinga Decor - Nipun Bhaskar and Neha Savara share their story

Design & Decor Selfies Dated:  Feb. 3, 2015
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Our intention behind starting Buzzinga was clear - to create a warm and creative environment that allows people to feel free and relaxed, a space where one can create something artistic (make music, paint, sing, write, etc). We keep a guitar for musicians, drawing paper and colours for artists, games for friends and families that come, and a constant supply for simple, homely food. All Day Breakfast made it an ideal place for families. We plan on creating more spaces like Buzzinga for people to relax and rejuvenate themselves. We want to create an aesthetic environment for people who enjoy different forms of art, a space where people can sit and sketch, or pick up a guitar and sing or just read a book in peace.

The space we were given to start Buzzinga was basically a backyard of a furniture shop where all the unwanted items were dumped. We had about 2 - 3 weeks to spin the place around to create the environment we were looking for.

We started with a brick wall to divide our space and created an outdoor kitchen  with rough brick look using that wall. We designed as we moved. So once the kitchen was ready we had to figure out the wall colors around, the flooring and if we needed ceilings at all. Keeping the natural look in mind, we only covered 30% of the seating space. We picked a sunny yellow color to match the energy of the name (Buzzinga). Furniture had to be outdoorsy and after much research and visits to many many stores, we finally found what we were looking for.

Nipun Bhaskar and Neha SavaraCafe Buzzinga - Bangalore founders, Nipun Bhaskar and Neha Savara

Neha and I had no help or experience for designing, but we knew exactly what we wanted. We knew how much space we had, how many people we can cater at a time and with that in mind we could visualize our cafe.

The flooring was partly cemented, partly made of garden pebbles. We placed two umbrellas in the center of the cafe for some shade, made art and graffitis on the wall, designed the outside counters and a cute, colorful picket fence at the entrance, and there it was.

We have a lovely hammock where many of our customers have peacefully fallen asleep after reading a book.

With time and experience, we have made changes in the design of the cafe. And these changes keep the excitement going for us and our customers. As we mentioned earlier, ambiance and the energy in the cafe really matters. We want our customers to have a peaceful experience every time they come to our cafe. We want them to have fun, feel uninhibited and expressive.

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