Color ideas for DIY home design

DIY Interior Design & Decor Dated:  Nov. 22, 2014
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Color ideas for DIY home design by: Sandesh Prabhu

The sure shot way to bringing new vibes and energy to a space in your home is to color it up. Be it a new home or the sprucing up of an old house; color ideas for DIY home design can definitely help you make your mind and go for whatever suits your mood and style. If we were to compare the DIY option to engaging a designer; it will not only require a considerable budget but may leave you totally unsatisfied and unhappy with the final look. On the other hand if you were to go for the DIY option for color coordination of your home, you can have hands on approach and get your heart’s desire on the walls of your home.

How to select colors ideas for DIY home design?

  1. Start a portfolio of the shades, tones and combinations that appeal to you

 It could be anything – a vacation to places like Mexico and Hawaii or Kashmir and Kerala – where you were taken in by the rustic shades of ochre or orange and the Azure blues of Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise. You may have been captured by a vista or sun rise, sunset or a cloud laden sky. It could be the tones of the snow covered hill tops of Himachal or the grayness of seas of Konkan. Remember you are in charge and you can go for what your heart desires.

  1. Consider the common denominators of the images that inspire you

You may simply like a variety of colors or fall for particular shades and tints of a specific color. Then again it may the bright and bold variation or the muted version that appeals to your senses. You will have to dig deep into your mind to select the exact shade and tint

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you wish to create or which will give the ambience you are trying to generate. In order to achieve this you will have to take a long look at the final selection of major colors and then whittle them down carefully to arrive at the final color chart.

  1. Define the mood and select the theme for each area

 Even if you start out casually and go making the selection; sooner or later a theme will take shape; so it is best that you select the theme first and then make the color selection. For example for your children you will need to create a combination based on their gender, hobbies, likes and preferences.

Wallpaper in Kids Room Design Idea by: Arpita Doshi

Boys generally like shades of blue, grey and coffee browns whereas girls are more likely to prefer pinks, reds and streaks of silver and gold. Then again these choices will vary as per the age bracket. Younger boys may want bright shades with some fluorescents and the older boys may want the same shades to be muted. At the same time the man of the house may

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it all in gray with strong patterns of black and white. The women tend to be more partial to pastels or vivid shades.

As for the theme that again will be different for each family member. Your ten year old may want to have Moghli or the jungle boy decals on the walls whereas your sixteen year old daughter may want a dark gothic look or a completely feminine pink accent wall as the central point. In other words you will have to take in account each family member’s moods, preferences, likes and dislikes into account before you decide to arrive upon a final color plan for your home design.

  1. Don’t forget the key elements

Once you have included the choices of all the family members; you will need to consider the key elements like flooring, furniture. The color of the flooring will impact any color selection that you are going to make. The flooring is the anchor of the room or space and though you can change the color and furniture as and when you can afford or like; the flooring cannot be changed that easily or frequently. Be it wood, stone or tile – the flooring will impact your color selection and design.

As for furniture, since it is almost always expensive and cannot be changed frequently it is best to match your color scheme with the furnishings in the house. The color design of the walls of your home has to compliment the furniture or it may spoil the entire style, look and feel. Try to come up with a coordinating color combination that ties in that invaluable heirloom chair or table, which you will never discard.

Now that you have taken it all into consideration; here are a few handy color selection tools which will further help you in selecting the color ideas for your DIY home design:

  • Get a color flipbook. The PMS (Pantone Matching System) is a color format that was developed in 1963 to solve the color matching problems of the graphic arts community. It contains more than 1400 colors which are displayed in a cardboard or paper based guide. Most colors in a Pantone color book are identified by a number which is then followed by a letter. You can find these color patterns online and take out a print if you are finding it difficult to find one in the market. This will make it very easy for you to mix and match the color patterns and ensure the right effect.
  • Visit the various paint company websites and check out the virtual color schemes and samples as displayed on actual homes. You can also use a Personal Color Viewer (PCV) which is a color visualization program that lets you play with colors before picking up the paint bucket and brush. This will give you access to a vast selection of exterior and interior color design images and you can then create the look that suits you the most.
  • Finally for your DIY color design you can also use Color inspiration Brochures which offer you color palettes that have been created by professional designers.

In fact you can find almost any tool or trick that you wish to use in your DIY home design color ideas but the final decision will be very personal and will depend on the selections, likes and dislikes of the entire family as well as the key elements like the flooring and furnishing. So bring out that paint bucket and the rolling brush and get going.

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