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Decor Accents Dated:  July 23, 2014
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Designed by: Architect, Henri Fanthome

The best thing about the age we live in at the moment is this - Accents from almost every era is in! The sheer amount of home accents available these days, be it in branded stores or flea markets will blow your mind. We'll run you through some must-have contemporary accents for your home.

1) "Times square can't shine as bright as you" : I was in a store this weekend shopping, when I came across the best accent lighting. Connected by PVC wires, three  antique boxes  were held firmly at different levels and lit with golden bulbs. Best piece of lighting I've seen in ages! Use light fixtures that make a statement. If you like them, they must be good. You can also create your own light fixtures by using old home products to make your stuff unique. Use old home products to rejuvenate and create some beautiful light accents that will highlight and accentuate your personal style.

2) Say it with flowers : Flower vases have a way of being quirky and beautiful at the same time. Buy a beautiful flower vase that cranks up your style quotient several notches, and enjoy it in different spots in your home. Flowers that suit the vase should be used to complete the look. For example, lilies go with tall glass bases and roses should be put in short, stubby bowl-like vases, tightly stacked together. The colours should match  or be in stark contrast, depending on your choice.

3) Statement lamp shades : Remember the quirky yet beautiful seashell lamp in F.R.I.E.N.D.S? It was the most beautifully weird piece of home décor article that I've ever seen. Well, you can't possibly have THAT particular lamp, but there are equally beautiful pieces that will spruce up your home in a lovely way. Tall, short or

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lamp shades are lovely additions to your space.

4) Wall-love :  Wall decor in recent times has seen new heights. Decals, murals,  paintings, textured paint or wallpaper,  you name it. All the options are readily and widely available and are great personalizing ideas for your space. Choose whatever suits your style. Decals and murals are usually specific to the inhabitant of the room and the mood that is to be showcased. If you have a girly girl daughter, get her walls a mural or decal that she likes. Something that oozes girl! Or a Panchamda or Kishore Kumar decal for your music lover husband. Your walls should reflect your style and mood perfectly.

5) Painted Furniture : The idea of revamping old furniture by painting them has crept back into our homes with style. Be it bold colours for your kitchen or soft pastels for your bedroom, painting furniture is as handy as it is chic. It'll save you buckets of money and look effortlessly stylish at the same time. Painting an old wooden living room table in the shades of summer and placing lotuses on it in an uruli will give a unique fusion-ey look to your space.

6) Accessories that

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as old as time itself : If you're a music fanatic, you could keep vinyls and an old music player that plays the music of the golden era. Do you have an old grandfather's clock that has been sitting in your attic? Bring it out. Have some fun. Repaint, polish, make your friends jealous with all the vintage stuff! 

Make a statement with your home decor accents. See what trends are in vogue and make your choices accordingly. Happy decorating!

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