Contemporary Home Design Ideas

Decor Tips Dated:  Nov. 22, 2014
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Bedroom Design by: Mahendra Jadeja

Just as the gadgets, technology and computer software are changing at a rapid pace, so are the other facets of our lives. One of them is home designs. The entire landscape of our lives has changed over the years and especially in the last one or two decades. The contemporary home design ideas today are in stark contrast with the classic home designs. The new lines and sketches are bold and edgy. In the contemporary designs the shapes and textures are central and the modern inhabitants of these homes are not afraid of color. In the contemporary world the lines between the outside world and the inside world (within the home) are increasingly getting blurry. Open floors and natural light are increasingly gaining popularity.

Living RoomContemporary Living Room Design Idea by: Rajni Patel

Here are a few ideas that you can incorporate in your contemporary home design:

Contemporary rooms

The current trend in room design is more to do with functionality than décor. The contemporary room designs are changing definitions – Now it is not just bedrooms and living room – the contemporary home also looks at and accommodates a home office, a home theater and a gaming room and it very often does so by using the same space in different ways; creating wall-less boundaries and barriers that define multi utility areas. The space has taken on new meanings. For example even if you just have a 2 or three bedroom space at your disposal; with the help of contemporary accessories and storage products you can easily turn your bedroom or living room into an office or gym. If I were to put it in a nutshell, the contemporary home design creates livability in rather unique ways with equally unique ideas of how to meet a person or family’s needs.

Home TheaterHome Theater Design Idea by: Rajni Patel

Another noticeable change you would see is that instead of making multi story homes people are increasingly attracted to wards single story room plans. The divider between the bedrooms and the rest of the house is not another floor but a pool or a garden. The concrete walls are speedily fading away and the contemporary designs either do away with them or erect glass barriers and boundaries that are least invasive. Typically there is a growing trend to create the outer wall of a living room or at times even that of a bedroom with a glass panel so as to let the outside in. This not only facilitates the filtering in of natural light but also gives a panoramic view of the outside greenery and sky.

kitchen Contemporary kitchen Design by: Arpita Doshi

Contemporary kitchen

Kitchen has become very central in the contemporary scenario. Your contemporary kitchen is bound to be a part of the living room with the dining room being incorporated into the same space. It will not only have your cooking equipment and gadgets but will probably have a recycling station and even a recharging area or a space where you can plug in or place your notepad or laptop, in order to have direct access to those yummy recipes and tricks from youtube or a cooking website.

Kitchen design ideaKitchen Design by: INTERIOR SHAPES & DESIGNS

Haven’t you noticed women are not seeking or conniving to steal each others’ recipes anymore because any and every recipe worth its taste is available on the good old internet? The contemporary kitchens are so central that they are increasingly eating up the family space, as people are increasingly combining the act of eating and entertainment as well as being able to connect as a family in the same space. This has changed the traditional approach to the kitchen area and the very face of the kitchen, its floor plan and design has changed accordingly.

As per a study - 47% people request for a computer station or a recharge point in their kitchen; 43% are seeking features that would combine the kitchen with the family space; 36% want it to have a recycling station; 35% wish for a kitchen that could have a design which could be adapted by everyone and 31% required pantry space.

Contemporary Bathroom Design by: Madalsa Soni

Contemporary Bathrooms

The bedroom does not have the exclusive rights on providing rest and relief to your weary body. The contemporary Indian householder is seeking the relaxation in his bathroom as well. Bathtubs are increasingly becoming a permanent fixture in Indian households and that too with great style and panache. ‘His and Her’ sinks are adorned with river stones and dried herbs and fragrances. The lighting is getting fancier as well as increasingly soft and muted. Scented candles and candle holders are found hand in glove with a comfy seat and a basket of reading material. Multi utility spaces are the hallmark of the new age home design and you simply cannot ignore it. Glass has invaded the bathroom too and all shower areas are now mostly made of glass.

Porch Design Idea by: DePanache Interiors

Porch & Backyard

Though you cannot find these in abundance in urban cities and multiplex buildings and housing complexes; these are increasingly being sought and planned. People are selecting suburbs and small bordering towns to create their dream homes where the porch is an open space with a swing, few chairs, a little table and a lot of sun and sky. The lines are straight, neat and unencumbered. The closing wall is short and getting ever shorter and you see a noticeable jump in the use of bamboo or cane furniture, which is rather easily available in most parts of India.

The backyard is also becoming a place for arranging a get together, family reunions, badminton, basketball and tennis. You are now beginning to find garden paths leading to gazebos in the backyard which are tastefully done in regional tones. While a Punjabi family is planning for a Tandoor in the backyard; a Keralite is probably installing a huge grinding stone or planting coconut trees.

Backyard Design Idea by: SHROFFLEoN

Finally there are few specific features that set the contemporary home design apart from the rest. A contemporary home has clean geometric shapes, is eco friendly and makes use of local materials. The construction plans are not intricate but tend to lean towards being simple and easy to execute while also being environment friendly. The space is desirable and is often comes in handy when incorporating passive solar heat plans and passive ventilation. The layout of the contemporary home design has flexible floor plans and is easy on the eyes.

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