Buyers guide: 8 Types of Wash Basins

Product Guide Dated:  July 25, 2016
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Wash Basin

Cora Black Designer Wash Basin 

Although wash basin form a very minor part of the house, poor selection of one can ruin the vibe of the whole space. There are literally tons of options available for a sink these days which makes choosing one all the more over whelming. It all depends on where it is going to be placed, and what purpose it is going to serve, along with the kind of people who will utilize the sink and most importantly what is it that you are looking for . The major types of sink based on its appearance and placement can be divided in to 8 categories. Yes 8, that's right.! Top-mount, under-mount, wall-mount, pedestal sink, semi-recessed, wash plane, vessel and all in one sink with counter top. Besides this there are endless possibilities of bespoke sink design in various materials and colors. There are a range of materials which can be used to craft a sink. Concrete, stone, ceramic, glass, engineered stone, metal/alloy and the list could just go on. 

Different kinds of materials create contrasting ambiance. Juxtaposition of concrete vessel sink on a wooden counter-top creates a minimalist feel to your space. Or if you are looking for something rusty, and low on budget you could just recycle old metallic tubs, and fix wooden planks to hold the toiletries. Like this one shown here. Ceramic sinks are very famous and most used type of sink. Its not as expensive as designer sinks, and easy to install as well. Glass bowl sink also serve their purpose to satisfaction. These kind of sinks usually come in the category of vessel type sinks. Stone as a material is earthy, and undoubtedly creates a organic tone to the entire space. 

Silver Wash BasinSilver Wash Basin
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Coming back to the types of Sink now. 

Top- mounted sink

This is the most common type of wash basin seen especially in restaurants and multi-family residential houses. It usually sits on top of a stone or ceramic or wooden counter and usually comes with storage space beneath. Needless to say the plus for this type of sink is the added storage space. This type of sink also prevents the water from splashing on to the counter and can also be used to wash clothes, since it can hold water. 

White Ceramic BasinWhite Ceramic Basin

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Under- mount Sink

Under mount sink is completed hidden under the counter, and only the rim of the sink is exposed. The rim can be at the level of the counter, or under this level, or it could mold out forming a smooth curve touching the counter top. Since you cannot see the sink here, the design doesn’t really matter. Its not a very expensive option either. It creates a smooth seamless look. 

Wash Basin DesignWash Basin Design
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Wall- mounted sink 

As the name suggests this type of sink is mounted directly on to the wall, and creates a very minimalist look. It is usually in ceramic. It is devoid of any storage space beneath it, but at the same time offers a view to more floor space thus making the bathroom appear bigger.

Wall Mounted Wash BasinWall Mounted Wash Basin
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Pedestal Sink

This one is definitely a classic choice. And it can be used to hide that ugly pipe carrying the gray water from the wash basin, and also cover the drain. This one also usually comes in ceramic, although you can tweak it up by using ceramic of different patterns and prints etched on it. Or even a simple off white and white pedestal sink looks vintage.

Pedestal BasinPedestal Basin

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Vessel sink

A lot can be experimented with a vessel type sink. It is basically a bowl big enough to wash your hands. There are many vessel type designer sinks available in the market. They also come in various materials like metal, stone, ceramic, wood and so on. Since these sinks sit entirely on top of your counter top, it is a great way to show off the design of the sink and make a statement for your bathroom. It gives an overall rich look to your washing space. 

Colored Designer BasinColored Designer Basin

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Wash plane Sink

These types of sink are fairly new addition in the market. They are slim and sleek. They don’t have any depth, so it can be used for nothing but washing your hands. These sink again create a minimalist feel to your hands. They also take up very little space. 

Plain Wash BasinPlain Wash Basin
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All in one sink with counter top 

These are the easy options available in the market. The sink is synchronized with the cabinet which can be used as a storage space. They have a great functional appeal, and the sink can be made in porcelain or any other material. They don't take up much space either. 

Wash Basin with CabinetWash Basin with Cabinet
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This type of wash basin is suitable if you have less space and still would like to tweak up your bathroom space. It is ideal for powder room also due to availability of limited space here. 

Recessed BasinRecessed Basin

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