Easy Garden Maintenance Tips

Outdoors Dated:  March 6, 2014
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Garden care is often looked upon with disdain and stress by most people. But what we ignore is that rather than one day of extremely heavy work, a garden requires a few scant hours of work each week. With these five quick tips, you can and you will, make your garden look like an enchanted heaven!

Prune regularly: Pruning is the easiest, most basic thing you can do to tidy up your garden. Trim your trees and shrubs and mow your lawn regularly and you will have created some groundwork for the rest of the work on your garden. Trim your shrubs on a regular basis and you’ll have saved the annual battle of cleaning up your garden. 
Get rid of weeds:Try mulching. Weeds are nature’s way of preventing the washing away of bare soil. To avoid persistent weeding, you could mulch your soil with fallen leaves, compost remains or the like. You could also plant flowers or vegetables on bare batches of soil to avoid the thrift of weeds. Also, pull out weeds whenever you spot them. This is paramount because a baby weed is much easier to expel rather than a full grown strong one which just won’t come out. 
Which are your tools?The first thing about gardening is that the tools you have could make or break your resolve. The must-haves are a good, strong pruner, a watering jet, a pocket knife, a strong digging shovel and a weeder. These will not only help you work better, but also make you enjoy gardening to the core.
Choose your plants well:Having a few perennials like periwinkle in your garden is a good idea. But periwinkle has a way of growing out of size way too soon, so prune often. Secondly, rotate your plants seasonally. Indian winters

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Compost: Make sure you compost. Apart from helping you dispose of your garden waste effectively, it is a heavenly delicacy for your plants. You could compost with anything beginning from fallen leaves to trimmed bits of your shrubs, baby twigs and much more. Composting is your garden ploughing back profits, so make sure you do it.
These tips and tricks make sure that you don’t get cold feet about having a huge backyard that you can’t manage. Lastly, improvise. If you have a rough, barren patch, beautify it by having old repainted tables and chairs and a beautiful lantern. Now, you have a beautiful garden where you can sip tea with your family and friends!


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