Easy Living Room Design Ideas for 2 BHK Independent House

Living Room Design & Decor Dated:  June 13, 2014
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Designed by: Interior designer, Ambati Chandra Shekhar

In this era of space crunches, 2-BHKs are all most of us are left with. However, if you’re planning on constructing your house on your own terms, a 2-BHK independent house living room design can be executed with a lot of style depending upon how you want your living room to be. The design elements that need to be considered for your perfect living room are as follows:

Doors and Windows: So you’re constructing your dream home, and doors and windows are an important part of your living room décor. French windows made of dark wood are a great addition to your living space. The colors of your doors and windows should go with your overall color scheme.

Colors: Colors are the most important factor to consider when it comes to décor. Wall colors are your starting point in this game. Warm pastels like yellows or shades like ivory help reflect light in your living room area and make it appear larger. Select the rest of the colors in your room in accordance with, or in contrast to your wall color. For example, have rich colored sofas with light colored walls and vice versa. Similarly, select bright flowers violets or gerberas to spruce up your interiors. Colors do most of the work for you when you want lovely looking interiors.

Niche / Alcove: The idea of creating a niche in your walls is gaining popularity with décor enthusiasts all over. You can use this space to display your prized décor accents. A niche can also be used to have a lovely wall decal displayed. Using an alcove to get a stone-cut fireplace installed is also a timeless décor idea.

Flooring: When we talk about flooring these days, wood is the first idea that strikes. The timelessness and class that is imparted to your home by hardwood

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is difficult to meet by any other type of floor. Wood flooring, especially when we’re talking about a small house, is handy, not too expensive and looks like a million bucks.

Lighting: Lights help accentuate the entire look and feel of your space. Pendant lighting and accent lighting lift up the aura of your home. Use lights smartly to pretty up your 2-BHK independent house living room design like nothing else.

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