Easy steps to refurbish your old furniture

DIY Interior Design & Decor Dated:  Jan. 22, 2014
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You have a beautiful collection of furniture that’s been painstakingly collected over the years from various places. But even the most beautiful furniture loses its charm after some years. You can’t throw it, it has some beautiful memories attached, and you can’t keep it either. So what to do? Well, you can renovate your old furniture and turn it into as good as new. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

The most common pieces of furniture that bore us the earliest are the sofa or the dining chair or the wooden table/dresser. The upholstery gets worn off with frequent use and the wooden polish loses it lustre. 

Let’s see how you can change the upholstery of the chair or the sofa in quick and easy steps.

What you need: 

  • Measuring tape, marker
  • Cloth scissors
  • Strong large needle
  • Screwdriver, hammer and nails
  • Cloth
  • Thread
  • Glue

How to do:

  • Remove the fabric from the chair/sofa with the help of a screwdriver and hammer. Be gentle while extricating the fabric as the old fabric has a tendency to rip easily. Mark down the area as you remove the fabric. It will serve you as a general template.
  • Remove the existing fabric only if the foam or the fabric has worn out completely or emits a bad odour. This process can be quite time-consuming. 
  • Measure the cloth according as per the different panels required like on the sitting area, arm rest, back rest and the back of the chair.
  • Now cut the cloth accordingly into panels. Tip: Cut extra cloth to allow tucking, folding, and curves and padding.
  • Cover the chair with the cut pieces of the cloth. Tuck or fold the cloth at the seams. It gives a finished look.
  • Use the glue to stick the cloth to the chair. Prior to that, smooth down
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    cloth to remove the wrinkles. Where required like overlapping of cloth, hand-stitch the pieces.
  • At the inner seams, under the chair or at the places where it’s not visible, pull the cloth tightly and hammer some of the nails to secure the cloth to the chair.
  • Now that the upholstery’s done, let’s tackle the wooden table/dresser.

What you need:

  • Sandpaper
  • Wood filler
  • Unused cloth
  • Paintbrush and roller
  • Paint
  • Stain-blocking Primer

How to do:

  • Clean the painted wood surface with warm soapy water or Colleen and a lint-free clean cloth to remove dirt. Sand rough areas and wipe away dust with the cloth. 
  • Search for scratches, welts, dents and holes on the surface and fill them with wood filler.
  • Now using the paintbrush and roller, apply two coats of primer on the surface, the second coat only after the first one dries off.
  • Now with the paintbrush and roller, apply paint. Let it dry before you apply a second coat for even finish.

It’s easy and you can do it yourself at home. And it won’t cost you a bomb either. 

If you have some interesting tips to renovate your old furniture, feel free to share with us on this forum.

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