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Architectural Education Dated:  May 21, 2014
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During the course of my interaction at various professional forums like IIA and COA, I became more exposed to architecture schools in India. It was my interest in the field of Building Construction during the days of Prof Jhabwala (SPA) that pushed me to teach the subject for more than a decade at SPA from 1998-2008. I then remained the director for Vastu Kala Academy School of Architecture in New Delhi during 2000- 2002 and thereafter was nominated as the professor (Design Chair) in the dept. of architecture, Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi.

I am afraid that we need to redefine our methodology of architecture teaching. We still follow the century old bible, in today’s context of single window delivery, the architectural education also needs to be redefined so as to inculcate the discipline of finance and project management along with physical and environmental aspects of the built form. We also need to give proper attention to various other elements of applied architecture other than the design studio wherein we would be able to generate leadership qualities. This could be achieved if the education is provided wherein the architect is fully geared on various information and knowledge for providing a professional timely delivery.

During my teaching, I have observed that the students somehow neglect the education of various aspects of applied architecture. Perhaps due to stereotyped curriculum and methodology which is only  limited to copy-paste of a few age old books like Building Construction by Macay, Mitchel and Building Materials of books by Prof. Deshpandey etc which are being referred.

COA must look into this aspect sensitively and seriously so that we must develop various books/ literature and some very important subjects of architecture and identify and nominate some of the few authors, who have the bend of inclination towards writing.

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400 odd schools of architecture with an intake of more than 25,000 per year. Therefore we need to have well disciplined and informed faculty with an understanding of minimum architectural education standards. To update and upgrade the faculty, short term refresher courses should be introduced by the IIA and the COA. To avoid disparity in the education in the various schools of architecture, the holistic understanding of the profession for a young architect is absolutely necessary and essential.

Therefore, the curriculum of architecture education must be re-defined in today’s global context.

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