Five ethnic cushion styles for your home

Ethnic Decor Dated:  March 18, 2014
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Interior designed by Debarati Bhattacharjee

Did you think that blowing up all your cash on cushion covers from different branded stores was the only way to brighten up your couch or your seating area? Well, seems you might’ve been wrong! There are numerous ways to get amazing cushion covers by these easy nip-and-tuck techniques. You’ll be amazed by how much a thread and needle duo could do!

1)    Raid your cupboard for old sarees and dupattas. Some sarees and ornate dupattas have such nice colors that they make for very unique cushion fabrics. These could be augmented using decorative items like mirrors and glitter which available widely in markets. Sew on cloth cuttings for an even edgier look.

2)    Butcher old lehengas. My first lehenga, a Rajasthani one, was gifted to me when I was 6. Today, it adorns my favourite cushion! Old lehengas can be handy in the sense that they are these ethnic, ornately designed pieces of fabric that you won’t feel bad tearing up. These can make for lovely cushion covers.

3)    Embroider old plain cushions. You’ll be surprised at what a gorgeous lift a few stylish stiches can give to an old cushion. A lot of cushion covers are so plain that they just lie around the house, waiting to be used as dusters. If you took those SUPW classes in school even slightly seriously, you can make something great out of a plain-Jane cushion cover!

4)    Gujarati and Rajasthani bed-sheets, waiting to be ravished!  While chances are that these come with pillow cases, you could always cut them up after their life is over and sew ‘em together to make lovely cushion covers. Dye to restore life into the cloth!

5)    Paint! This is probably the easiest and the most fun of all. Make some covers out of white or light coloured cloth and smother

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with fabric paint. I like the idea of dabbing your brush liberally with color and splatter paint all over the cloth. Ethnic, yet ultra-modern! You could use hand-prints with fabric paint and colour the cushions. Spray paint, ladyfinger paint or potato paint your cushions for a lovely effect.

DIY, to me, is the most fun part of home décor. Let your imagination run wild and device something unique each time. Share your ideas with us too!


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