Five Home Designs from South India

Regional Architecture & Interiors Dated:  Feb. 24, 2014
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Vanakkam! South India is the enchanted land of India. The land where dosas and idlis were born. South Indians are mostly simple people and this simplicity is reflected in their décor. Traditionally, South India can be associated with wide, open spaces inside the homes, scant yet ornate wood and metalwork and what not. We bring you five amazing Home Décor ideas straight from down south.

Verandahs: South Indian homes can be associated with sparsely populated décor. Wide open spaces, scant use of ornate wood furniture and a lot of plants shout out, “Less is more”. South Indian Verandahs are usually well spaced out and a common place in the house that brings joy to all. If you wish to experiment further, you might add a water fountain to the center of your verandah and it will look wonderful!

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Jhoolas: South Indian Décor involves the use of ornate, wood or metal-made jhoolas. These could be decorated with colourful, plump cushions and a crafted mattress and used in your living room sitting area. These jhoolas are not only attractive, but they also make for a refreshing change from the couch and cushions stereotype that we usually follow in our living rooms.

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Uruli:Traditionally, the uruli is a shallow cooking vessel made of bell metal which used to be used for cooking in many south Indian homes. In recent times, the idea of cooking in an uruli has weaned off more or less, and it is a favorite article of home décor. It is filled up with water and floating candles and flowers and adorns many living rooms, south Indian and the rest of India alike.

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Kolam: Kolam is the art of mixing geometry and symmetry to arrive at creativity. Every morning in Tamil Nadu, millions of women draw Kolams on the ground with white rice powder. Through the day, the drawings are either rained out, or walked on but yes the new ones are made the next day.The basic idea is to welcome all into the house, including Goddess Lakshmi. The Kolam is known by different names across south India, but the thought remains the same. You can make these outside your home to bring to it a refreshing change. Remember that Kolams hold best when they are drawn on a damp floor.  

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Metallic accessories: South Indian accessories are definitely something to write home about. I’ve been to the south twice with school and college groups and each time, I’ve found myself irresistibly charmed by the metallic figurines, the lamps and candles, the artwork in metal etc. Metal figurines, lamps, animal figurines, figurines of nymphs and deities are all available in such variety and detail that it is impossible to not be enchanted by the little decorative pieces. You can throw these liberally around your house, living room, bedroom, antique shelves, and they’ll give you that special look that you wish for.


So let your creative ideas get the better of you. Watch south Indian movies or south Indian themed movies and sew their décor into your home. Happy brainstorming! 


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