Five Paint Hues for this Summer

Wall Decor Dated:  April 21, 2014
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The summer calls for a paint job, and a refreshing one at that. As you cast away the blues of the cold, gloomy season, let your home do too. This summer, let your house boast of a color tone that matches the beauty and warmth outside. We bring you a few color ideas that’ll make you sink into summer with greater fervor than you ever did!

Shades of Aqua: Aqua is one of the most summery colors around, reminding us of the azure sky, the ocean and our tropical blue summer drinks! Aqua lets you experiment with all sorts of wall accents while reminding you of the essence of summer. Win-win, right?

Sea Green: An ideal bedroom wall color for the summers, reminding one of the beach and watching the waves breaking, one after the other. Sea green, researchers say, has a calming effect on a person’s psyche. Definitely a hue to incorporate in your home décor!

Lime: Lime is another color that ushers summer with just the idea of it. Lime is bright and summery during the day and can be made even more inviting using accent lighting by the night. Its versatility makes it an all-seasons favorite.

Lavender of the evening sky: Ah the summer twilight! Wouldn’t it be just great to have it indoors, reminding you of the beginning of a breezy, beautiful summer afternoon? What’s more, the shade will perfectly complement the fresh flowers that you decorate your home with during the season.

Dusty rose: Dusty rose is pink with a zing! It invites summer, reminding you of the lilies and roses. Other shades of pink like salmon and pearl pink are elegant shades that shout out summer in a very calm yet classy way.

Getting different tones of a basic shade will complement your walls like nothing else. Don’t forget to

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Also, wall decals are a great way to reflect the moods of the summer. Incorporate birds and trees and flowers and personalize your home with a little more than wall colors!

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