Gupta's home brings back the Victorian Era!

The Story of My Home Dated:  March 24, 2014
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Back then, the term decor wasn’t as commonplace as today, though was conspicuous in the way the people designed their homes. The houses were proliferated with intricately carved furniture polished in dark mahogany wood (auburn, wine and red colors) and embellished with fancy upholstery in a band of eye popping colors. Then there were the décor accents – lithos paintings, brass and silver sculptures that painted a very contemporary picture of that era, almost personifying the human race over that very period of time.

Contrary to popular ideology, certain things never lose their appeal even after an immeasurable course of time. The same is with the antique furniture, sculptures and embellishments - which only grow more alluring with passing time. My quest for a contemporary Victorian style apartment finally ended at Guptas’ doorsteps.  

The swanky apartment 's driveway blossomed with planters - plenty of them and as I made my way to the staircase walking along the avenue, I could notice how perfectly the planters were aligned along one of the boundary walls.

The Avenue

That set the tone...really! I could imagine what a perfectionist the lady of the home must be!

View from the Entrance

As I walked up the stairs, I caught a glimpse of paintings along the staircase, a corner lamp and a few sculptures near the entrance.The 3000 square feet apartment seemed to have utilized it’s space pretty well.

Horse figurine near the Entrance

The entrance door opened into a narrow hallway extending from the seating room at one extreme to a bedroom at the other. The hallway opens up at a juncture to reveal a classy dining room that painted a very royal picture with beautifully carved vintage furniture.


The Dining Room

There were identical cupboards on either side (stashed along the wall opposite to the entrance) which, according to Mrs. Gupta were over a century old. A matching dining cabinet was put up in between so as to strike a chord with the vintage cupboards. Then there was a mirror on the adjacent wall that gave a perfect illusion of space.

The Mirror

I was glad to see the round dining table after ages. Vintage is back, I suddenly felt transported into a different era and was mesmerized by how regal everything looked .The attempt to get the dining chair carved didn’t go in vain but established symmetry with the two cabinets and the mirror frame.

The Centrepiece

And there lay Mrs. Gupta’s favorite centerpiece - right on the shelf attached to the mirror. 

A mature sense of taste, passion and creativity was conspicuous in the layout and décor of the dining area.Mrs. Gupta , a lady with keen sense of design hasn’t acquired this from anywhere. “It’s an inborn trait that comes from within.” the lady retorts.  

The living Room

The enormous door to the left opened into a cavernous living room mostly equipped with traditional furniture. The color of the walls was kept simple to accentuate the effect of lithos paintings which Mrs. Gupta said were about 100 yrs old. Every antique piece in the room spoke of the traditional heritage that was meticulously preserved even after the demise of that era. A warm earthy tone was induced with a purpose so as to establish a concord with the vintage style setting. 

The lithos

The house was bought six years ago and Mrs. Gupta recounted the fact that the whole backdrop was set in by an interior designer. However, the furniture design was decided and customized by the lady herself- back there in her previous place and that too quite according to her choice. The furniture pieces were brought in and were juxtaposed with their best matched complements. And once the initial framework was laid down, it was Mrs. Gupta’s turn to paint the house in her own colors. 

Victorian style Accents Victorian Accents

She embellished the setting with the things she loved and admired, the things that expressed her persona, and the things that blended well with the decor - the antiques. There were centerpieces, corner accents and table accents – whole lot of them, strategically placed or at places, secluded under the silhouette of the corner racks, yet were apparent to all eyes. 

A Planter in the Dining Area

I couldn't help but notice how the lady invites nature in every corner of her home. There were plants and flowers everywhere, which Mrs. Gupta given to the love of nature, would prefer over anything! 

Few furniture pieces were moved, few were brought in and few were customized. For instance - A pair of antique stones was revamped to act as a base for an immaculate glass piece so as to form a coffee table.

Custom- Made Table

You would also find a generous use of wine colour everywhere – our lady's favorite colour!

A fervent connoisseur of antiques, Mrs. Gupta also has a thing for horses, which was quite evident from her décor.

Horse Scupltures

There were a number of horse sculptures - almost in every corner of the house accompanied by horse paintings (both lithos and modern) which overwhelmed the aura with the charm of the middle era. 

Horses are an epitome of power, grace, beauty and nobility and this was apparent from the way the Guptas lived

The Hallway

The hallway itself was adorned with timeless antique pieces taken from various places and when brought in together, signified the taste of the lady. And also, I would praise the builder for carving out the space for Ironing/laundry room and Pooja Room. The Iron room was initially a Powder room which was purposely converted into an Ironing Room, keeping in mind the requirements.

The Pooja Room

And the Pooja room was the most pristine of all. The Pooja Mandir made up of intricately carved wood recreated the old charm.

Nevertheless, apart from all this, there was one place where the Jewelry Designer loved to spend her most of the time - her own space - her home office! Mrs. Gupta unlocked the door latch and the door swung open to reveal a warm office that looked no less than an office of a British Governor in the late 19th century. The cabinets were polished in red wood and the chairs were upholstered in green leather. Here, check out the picture! 

Mrs. Gupta in her office

Apart from her office, Mrs. Gupta prefers to spend her time in the Master Bedroom, which is spacious and welcoming! Besides the bed aligned to the wall, there was an LED unit fastened to the wall just above a middle sized wooden chest with carvings all over the surface. Doesn’t it look like a chest from a fantasy movie? 

The Master Bedroom

Mrs. Gupta drew the curtains to reveal a balcony that was alive with green plants. Apparently, she would never let her love for nature go down. The greenery on the other side of window pane brought about a serene and relaxing mood in the bedroom.

The seating room, lying at other extreme can be seen straight from the passage, which Mrs. Gupta mentioned was her husband’s favorite place where he could spend umpteen hours either reading a book or watching his favorite show. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gupta in Mr. Gupta's seating room

The apartment, according to Mrs. Gupta, gets refashioned every now and then. And as far as the décor theme is concerned, she would rather prefer sticking to the same Victorian theme rather than chasing the new fangled modern home concepts. She prefers to change the upholstery, move around the furniture, rearrange her accents, but would never lose her prized possessions. She strongly believes that the place where you live should reflect ‘you’ in all ways.

And for Mrs. Gupta, a decor connoisseur, looking after the home and the interiors has never been a big deal. Looking for things in the market those match well with the existing stuff may have been a little overwhelming, but a smart shopper and a smart negotiator, Mrs. Gupta has done it all with perfect elan. Her message for every homeowner – your home should be you...embellish your homes only with the things you are really fond of and the ones that are really close to your heart. Couldn't be truer!

Photo Credits: Riku Sharma

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