Gurpreet Ahuja's home: An Indian home with a western twist

The Story of My Home Dated:  Jan. 4, 2014
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Photo Credits: Riku Sharma The Living Room Traditionally don Corner Mr. Singh's collectibles

A well cultivated, meticulously inlaid home with a warm aura can't be made possible with single-handed efforts. The traditional Indian setting at Gurpreet Ahuja's home has been transformed into a partly-western one where tradition and culture still prevail. The home can be viewed from several perspectives, each referring to different individuals. The overall decor was accomplished with the combined efforts of Late Mr. Singh, his wife, their daughter Gurpreet and above all, their son and daughter in law who hold a great contribution in preserving the charm of the interiors. The Singh's home, is indeed the mirror to their souls.

Let me delve into the specifics to give you a better picture.

Situated on the second floor of a three storied building housed along an alley in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Singh's home echoes a serene, laid-back picture. The house plan is well mastered and beautifully laid. The main door opens into a wide entryway area which further narrowed into a small passage terminating into a pink bedroom. 



The carpeted passage  

There are rooms on either side of the passage, including their sacred worship space. However, the living room is cut apart from the rest of the house, thus offering its occupants complete privacy.


_MG_6491.jpg The Living Room 

Secluded in one corner of the house, the living room is spacious enough to accommodate a pretty good gathering of people a ideal if you are the type that loves to invite people over a party! The floor of the living room has been dressed with traditional carpets, carefully selected by Mrs. Singh and the windows are sheathed with blue curtains secured by fancy gold hued curtain holders. The central area is inhabited by fancy couches with floral upholstery whereas the space on the extreme left is occupied by vintage sofas with upholstery color that matches those of couches and curtains. The warmth of the living room matched well up to Mrs. Singh's own warmth towards us.


_MG_6478.jpg Wall Cabinet with a fireplace

While she fed us hot samosas and green tea, I chatted with her over her passion for interior design and decor. Every piece of furniture and the numerous curios that adorn the walls and shelves of their home has been personally selected by Mrs. Singh and her husband. While furniture shopping was one step process for them, the curios have been collected over several years as the family traveled far and wide around the world. Besides the swanky couches that lay in the living room, other artistic furniture that caught my eye was the brass bed stretched in the center of her daughter's room and the rich wooden bed with mirrored headboard in the master suite.

_MG_6569.jpg The brass bed 

Mrs Singh, a home science graduate and a retired schoolteacher has keen interest in sprucing up her interiors. Her initial source of inspiration came through design ideas shared in design magazines though quite honestly, I found a lot of her own thought and personality reflect in the way she has done up her home. 

The ideas from the design magazine and her own personal insights were supported by her husband's keen interest in antiques. Every time he used to fly overseas, he would bring along a couple of antiques from different parts of the globe. Mr. Singh's collectibles knew no bounds. There are figurines, wine glasses, shooter glasses, vases not to mention unique art work, especially the paintings from Rome with 24 carat gold embossed upon them.


Gurpreet Save for web.jpg Mr. Singh's collectibles

Mrs. Singh isn't finicky about wall color. She prefers something that would easily mingle with the decor instead of standing out a so no bright, shocking colors or textured walls for her. According to her, wall color predictions hugely depend on availability of space and the color of corresponding furniture and upholstery. Though recent trends are much over hyped when it comes to colors, she doesn't find herself going down the line to adopt a tone in fashion, unless it strikes a poise with other stuff in the rooms.


_MG_6507.jpg Furniture, upholstery, curtains and centerpiece strike a balance with each other

Mrs Singh's creativity came into limelight when I caught a glimpse of a rectangular painting on one of the walls near the entrance. It was an oil painting depicting a group of women and was etched over a silk cloth, by her in person. She also showed me glass paintings done by her and even her bedroom curtains, which she has designed herself!

The combined efforts of Mr. and Mrs. Singh has been backed by their daughter Gurpreet's interests. As an avid traveler, Gurpreet would bring photographs of various destinations she had covered across the world. These photographs have been framed and find their place of pride on the walls of their very spacious apartment in the heart of Delhi. We could also see some souvenirs from Italy, Rome and France spread on the base of the coffee table.

Though Mrs. Singh has successfully nurtured her interiors, her dream home is a farmhouse situated amid lush green landscape. Her daughter Gurpreet, pines for a home with large French windows. Yeh Dil maange more, indeed! Amen...

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Photo Credits: Riku Sharma

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