Creating a Home Office - Interior Design Essentials

Decor Tips Dated:  Nov. 1, 2014
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Home office Design by: Monica Sharma

Just imagine yourself working from home and see how your lips start curling into a smile and your eyes light up; given that there are no serious tensions or distractions waiting for you in the home space. It should not come as surprise to anyone that it is a trend that is increasingly gaining popularity globally. As the population booms and traffic gets ever more chaotic all over the world; more and more people are beginning to lean in favour of working from home and avoiding long hours spent in commuting to and from the office. The option of setting up home office has never been so tempting in the past; as it is in the contemporary scenario. But, before you get into setting up a home office and turning your whole world around, it is best if you could get into the essentials of home office.

Make smart use of space - Very often home office means a part of your personal home space to be converted into a professional space and the smart use of available space with all its restrictions and vantage points can be the key to a stylish home office. A smaller space simply asks for more creativity. Custom built furniture can solve so many of space related issues and that too with a lot of panache. You can always get hold of an experienced carpenter and get an inbuilt work table with your particular requirement of drawers and trays. Otherwise you can measure your space and hunt the market for one. An attic is a good choice as it tends to be quieter and segregated.

You could also use a collapsible table to get more use out of the same space. Things like a window ledge added to a window area can work as a counter top, you just have to open your mind to innovative ideas of space usage and you will see how any space is transformed into that much desired office space.

home office design inspirationHome Office Designed by: Kamat & rozario Architecture

Demarcation of personal and professional space - Be it a door, a separator or a must create some kind of boundary for your workspace. It may sound simple but is actually very effective in separating your personal life from intruding and interfering with your work. If you have a

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room for office it is easy to have a door with a plaque that clearly declares the office space.

But, if you are short on space and have to share an area within the house; don’t lose heart. You can always create a separate section with the help of some plants, furniture or even a curtain cum separator. You can even use a wooden partition. Most offices often use wooden partitions covered in fabric to create quick work cubicles or simply set up a table and chair to create a work station. The same can be done at home as well and that too with a lot of style and panache.

Selecting the right furniture - A work table and chair are the number one priority since you are going to spend most of your day and perhaps even nights working on these. Most offices are pretty careful when selecting these items and since you are doing it on your own you must make sure that the table’s surface, width, length, number of drawers, cabinets, shelves are as per your requirement.

home office designThe innovative space for home office,
Teakwood study table or work station for home office and office
Dream Today Create Tomorrow Wall Decal ( KC388 )
Office Chairs
by: Dhruva Samal

The chair too should be selected carefully keeping both your health and ease in mind. It is best to buy the furniture that is meant for office because those chairs are created keeping both your comfort and health in mind. Minimalistic furniture is usually best for such purposes. Make sure to invest in quality cabinets and storage system and keep it free of clutter. If you have space constraints; you can always invest in a number of wall storage systems. If done tastefully it can actually add beauty to your home office space.

Sound proofing - Make sure that your work area uses some or other kind of sound proofing because you really cannot think of working in an environment where you are constantly bombarded with surround sounds of babies crying, children shouting, music blaring and just the daily household and neighbouring sounds.

The market is awash with many technologies that can help you achieve this goal. Sound absorbing material like cotton batts, fibre batts, insulation batts and low cost fibreglass can be stuffed between the joists and studs; which can then be walled over. Green glue is another material that can effectively reduce the high volume sounds to low bass sounds. This material comes in tubes and can be easily dispensed and applied with a second layer of drywall right above the earlier finishing and texture.

home office design layoutHome Office Design by: Shahen Mistry

Ensure adequate safety and security - Identity theft and intellectual property cases are on the rise and you must have proper safeguards in place to protect you against both. Use reliable firewalls and security software on your laptop and PC and buy a reliable shredder for disposing off important documents and paper work.

Make it stylish and let it announce its purpose and intent - No matter what it’s about you can always create a theme around it and give it a stylish look all of your own and you won’t even need to burn a hole in your pocket. Just chose a colour combination and a pattern that runs through the walls, furniture, rugs, filing cabinets and what have you and you would have created a live being with a soul all of its own.

Just as there are two sides to any coin you will find that there are certain pros and cons to making this choice. The decision will mostly depend on your personal circumstances and the professional dynamics. Fact is, whatever worked at your actual office, will work well here too.

home office ideaHome Office design displaying the shelves, by: Monica Sharma

The major difference will be that you get to select the colour, style, theme and feel of your home office as per your personal preferences. I have often seen people come up with very beautifully done home offices that clearly reflect the person as well as the work or business. Some are simply crazy but creative, others amazingly simple yet efficient and there are some which simply blow your mind with their innate sense of beauty and aesthetics. What is common to all is that they have an air of satisfaction and happiness. So go on and create a work haven which is entirely your own.

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