Home is where the heart is: giving your home a new soul for Christmas

Festive Decor Dated:  Nov. 19, 2014
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Christmas Decoration Design Idea by: Deep and hana architects

With the Christmas season fast approaching, preparations for the festivities are in full swing for many of us, and for those homeowners who have chosen to host the joyous Christmas feast, organising their home is another thing to tick off their list.

Whilst Christmas decorations tend to be the focal point of the home around this time of year, they often act as a cover up for a home that could do with a little TLC. Why not make a change this year and give your home a revamp in time for Christmas?

The EntranceThe Entrance with Glass Sliding Doors Design by: Alex Jacob

Take a look at some hints and tips for de-cluttering, organising and sprucing up your home to create a warm, relaxing ambience that will make your guests feel welcome over the festive period.

Where to begin?

There are certain rooms in your home that will make an impression on guests more than others. Prioritising these during your revamp will ensure that they are guest ready in case you find that you do not have the time to prepare the entire house before Christmas.

The EntranceThe main entrance Design Idea by: SOLOMON CANARA

Front Garden & Driveway

The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior. With a little attention, you can create a great first impression for your guests:

  • Use a weed killer to tackle any errant plants that may be creeping through the cracks in your driveway, while a pressure washer will also help to remove residue and refresh the area.
  • Give weary looking windows and front doors a quick lick of paint to instantly improve the look of your home and make it more inviting.
  • Place a welcome mat by your front door to give your visitors a great first impression while stopping dirty feet in their tracks.
The hallwayHallway & Stairs Design Idea by:Amit Khanna

Hallway & Stairs

The hallway is the first area of your home that guests will see upon entry, and how it is presented can affect their perception of your home in its entirety. Sight can evoke strong emotions; targeting this sense with warm, cosy and festive decor is a great way to welcome your guests at Christmas:

  • Wallpaper is often more effective at creating a warm and welcoming ambience than painted walls.
  • Lighting in a hallway should come from lamps rather than ceiling lights. They are less harsh on the eyes and are therefore much more inviting.
  • If your stairway has seen better days, repainting the banisters and spindles will do it the world of good. Replacing your spindles is a relatively quick fix that certainly won’t cost you the earth, and adding family photos to the wall leading up the stairs is a fun way to jazz up this space.
  • Place a coat hook, a mirror and a seating area in your doorway to enable guests to make themselves at home.
Living Room DecorEthnic Blue Moroccan Style Living Room Design by: Dimple Kohli

Living room

The living room is often the main entertainment area of the home, so ensure that it is well maintained and appealing to guests:

  • Create a snug setting over the Christmas period by directing your focal point away from the television and towards a window or fireplace. This engages people and encourages a natural flow to the conversation.
  • Windows gather more dirt than any other area. Wash your curtains to reenergise the space with a simple dry-clean or machine wash and dry.
  • Combine the outside with the inside by bringing plants into the lounge. Positioning plants at varying heights will draw your guest’s attention to different areas of the room, while cleansing the air and instantly helping people to relax.
Dining RoomDining Room and Open Kitchen Design Idea by: Deep and hana architects

Kitchen & Dining Room

The kitchen and dining room play a major role on Christmas Day. Preparation in these two rooms is vital during the run up to Christmas to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day:

  • If your dining room lacks the space that you need, consider investing in a circular dining table, which will give your guests more room without taking too much of the space out of the room itself. Decorate your table with a white table cloth; it is thought that this calming shade instantly makes food more appealing and increases appetite – not that many of us need an appetite boost when faced with yummy Yorkshire puddings and turkey.
  • Lighting is important when creating a particular ambience in a room. Dimmer lights or candles can create a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere that is perfect for Christmas dinner.
  • Present fruit and vegetables in decorative bowls in the kitchen and a selection of different breads in the dining room. Openly offering food in this way helps guests feel like they are being welcomed into the home.
Bathroommirror work on black wall design by: 999 interiors Interiors


A clean, tidy, presentable bathroom says a lot about a home, especially when guests are visiting:

  • Spend some time cleaning your shower of any mould and mildew, using a bleach based cleanser with a toothbrush. Use a grout sealer to help keep away future stains.
  • Organise any toiletries that are on display, and ensure that fresh soap and hand towels are provided when guests are due to arrive. Try to colour co-ordinate your bathroom accessories to add to the presentation.
Guest RoomTiny White Bedroom with Sheer Curtains Design by: Deepa Raj

Guest Room

Make sure your home is fully prepared in case you have guests that are intending to or spontaneously stay overnight:

  • Clean and tidy the room the night before they are due to arrive.
  • Leave guest towels and toiletries on the bed as well as hangers in case they wish to unpack any clothes.
Wooden FloorWooden Floor Design Idea by: Pooja Khandelwal

Throughout The Home

  • Consider investing in rugs for rooms with laminate or hardwood floors, in order to add a sense of warmth and to protect bare feet from getting chilly.
  • Ensure that any old items that you no longer use are cleared out and donated to a charity shop. Books, magazines and clothes are the items that often clutter our homes, and clearing these out can help to revive a home.
  • Dust, polish and clean each room the night before guests are due to arrive to maintain a freshly tidied home and create a stress free Christmas Day.
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