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Outdoors Dated:  Aug. 18, 2014
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Roofs: The crowning glory of your house. Imagine having a bad hair day for the rest of your life. Your house will feel equally helpless without the right kind of roof. Roofs are the primary necessity of life, leave alone home décor! A roof over your head and all that. Jokes apart, these days, roofs are much more important and impart a sense of style to your home. People building their houses will agree how arduous a task it can be, to choose a roof style that compliments their homes and is scientific and agreeable to the home at the same time. So, I will try my best not to confuse you and myself with the sheer terminologies involved with the gazillions of roof styles that are available, and proceed!

Open Air Flat Roof: Mostly seen in films where Bollywood tries to live the American dream (Can we blame our film makers? These are lovely!), are quaint and beautiful and would do great justice to the porch or patio area of the house. Even better if you have a garden or pool area to pair it up with. If you’re into sculpting or painting, this can serve as a lovely studio amid the nature, in the most peaceful part of your house. It can also be a TV, entertainment centre or game room, depending on what your folks like! The flat-roof will be and is, a huge hit with homeowners and builders alike!

Cathedral Roofs: Small Catholic churches are loved by everybody. For anyone who’s ever been to the Southern part of the country, churches enthral and captivate. So why not have it in your house? Design a roof shaped like a cathedral or grotto in stone or brick. The exterior of your home will have to conform to the same theme and

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a slightly rustic looking home with dusty colours and lots of plants, but the effect you’ll achieve will be one you’ll adore for a lifetime.

Country House: The houses in the British countryside still mesmerize and capture my attention completely. The rustic look, the one house in a meadow feel still continues to be a midsummer night’s dream to me. The country house, perfect in its imperfections is a tribute to the Romantic, Victorian and Shakespearean eras, and if you’re a Literature nerd like me, you’re probably drooling all over this by now! I suggest brick and burnt mud roofs, in a triangular shape, with stone unpainted exteriors to make your country house look absolutely authentic. Red and brown and white are your favourite colours!

Hexagonal Roofs: Hexagonal roofs can be used in one part of, or the central top of your house. Not only is this style ethereal and timeless, it helps your house remain cool because of the elevation. Six sides to a roof in a house when most people have two or three? You’re a winner right there! A hexagonal roof painted in a bright colour like red or blue when the rest of your house is white

make your house stand out among all others. Slate or granite is also a favourite option among homeowners when it comes to hex roofs.

I suggest breaking the stereotypes. I suggest choosing an option that has always made your heart melt, so that when you look back upon it, your house will materialize into a culmination of all your efforts spurred by your dreams. Happy Decorating!


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