How to choose colors for your home as per Vastu

Vastu Tips Dated:  March 7, 2014
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Interior designed by Debarati Bhattacharya

Vastu Shastra is all about energy and human eyes perceive various frequencies of energy in the shape of colors. Hence, colors play an important part in Vastu and are used carefully. They are a perfect tool for creating the ambience, mood and feel of a space. Come to think of it colors impact almost every aspect of our life – food, clothing, building, products etc. It is but natural that colors as per Vastu have to be chosen carefully in order to create and maintain the right energy. 

How is a color selected?
Energy is constantly vibrating and various frequencies of its vibration produce various colors. Each color radiates a certain frequency which in turn influences people and their lives profoundly. Things like cheerfulness, peace and calm are achieved by using right colors in the right places and these states of being in turn generate conditions for material prosperity and general well being. The Vastu principles which are based on these energies and their frequencies are very precise when it comes to deciding about colors, based on the directional and usage aspects of a room.

Colors per direction and ruling planet
East represents Sun and that is why bright white or sunny shades are best for East. West is ruled by Saturn so shades of Blue are the most auspicious for this direction. North is the place for Mercury and should be colored in tones of green. South represents Mars and can be painted pink or other shades or red.  Northeast is ruled by Jupiter and should be colored in shades with a golden tinge. Southwest is ruled by Rahu and should be green. Southeast is ruled by Venus and the best color for it is a silvery white and since Northeast is ruled by the moon it can be colored in off

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or cream color. White too can be used in this direction.

Colors as per room
Bedrooms should use shades of blue as they are the resting place. Study room should be green as it aids communication. Kitchen and dining room may be painted in shades of orange. If your children tend to be aggressive you should use tones of blue as it is a cool shade and creates a peaceful atmosphere. Otherwise you can use yellow and green shades in their rooms. Living rooms should be painted in hues of blue, white or cream; since this is the space where to entertain and relax. Meditation and prayer rooms too should be kept white. Pink is the color of romance and should be used in the bedroom or couples and is ideal for the master bedroom. 

Another way of using these colors effectively is by creating highlights and using these colors to create a balance of energy in that particular room. As per Vastu red is the color of spring and a dash of red or pink can create an ambience that stimulates conversation.  But remember too much red can create aggression. Yellow depicts wisdom and yellow highlights can be used both

Pooja room and in children’s room. Just remember what each color stands for and you will be able to achieve the right kind of mood, feel and texture in a room.

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