How to choose a mattress?

Bedroom Design & Decor Dated:  Jan. 1, 2014
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Today's frenzied lifestyle has induced a series of health related problems- the most common ones  being- stress, back ache, spondylitis and muscle pain. And according to the medical experts from around the world, seven out of ten people face these problems due to lack of proper sleep. 

A proper sleep is not about catching forty winks for a while; but according to the experts, it is a prolonged 7-8 hrs of  undisturbed rest with the body positioned in a relaxed manner. And in most cases, improper mattress is the issue that perturbs your sleep. Irregularity in construction- ups and downs, hollowness, improper stuffing or extra firmness of your mattress material might lead to mattress deformity which eventually haunts you while you sleep. 

Hence, it is important that this issue is well taken care of. Once you invest in quality mattress, you would find yourself no longer dealing with aches and stress. Moreover, the sleep quality seems to improve day by day.

How to choose a mattress? 

Here are few shopping pointers to brainstorm your mind. Hence, before heading off to a local store or  bumping into the 'add-to-the-cart' button on an online shopping website, keep in mind the considerations that follow. 

First thing- How sustainable the mattress is? 

Before judging anything else, ask the vendor about the durability and sustainability of mattress in the long run. It's obvious; Nobody would like to waste money on something which is transitory. Moreover, every mattress comes with an 'expiry date' after which, the comfort quality degrades to zero. Therefore, once you know about the life of mattress in the beginning, you would know how long lasting your existing one is and when to look for a new one in future. 

What comfort level does it provide?

The comfort level depends on several factors mentioned below- 

Level of stuffing a Firm or gentle? 

Well, it is said that a sleeping mattress should be firm yet gentle, which means that the material stuffing should be even throughout. In other words, the material need not be as stiff as a rock neither be as soft as a silk. 

Universal Size Specification 

Usually, it is believed that an ideal mattress(single) should be approx. 90 cm wide and 20 cm longer than your height. The mattresses falling in this line are believed to offer 100% comfort. 

Is the mattress well tailored to your needs? 

In most of the cases, it has been observed that the mattress seems to provide relatively better sleep quality to one individual than the other. Weight distribution varies from body to body; Moreover, the idea of comfort and support is also different for two different individuals. Therefore, make sure that the one you are going to buy caters your sleep requirements perfectly. 

What's reliable- foam or coir? 

When it comes to the type of material, a lot of people has no idea on what to look for. Nevertheless, a lot of people go for foam mattresses owing to the degree of comfort they provide. These mattresses easily gets synchronized with the pressure exerted by the body and the body temperature, i.e., heat. Also, they retain their form over a period of time.

Images131010050326_42 copy.jpg A foam mattress

On the other hand, coir mattresses are hard and often get permanently deformed. Nevertheless, for those who are prone to body aches and muscle pains , doctors usually recommend the coir one. 

A Coir Mattress Source:

Is your mattress fire resistant, water proof and stain proof ?

For safety purposes, it is advised to buy a mattress which is fire proof and water proof. Moreover, to ensure a clean and hygienic sleep, one must also check whether the mattress is stain free. 

Always look for Trusted Brands 

When it comes to quality of material, its obvious that the most popular brand would promise the best. Hence, browse the web for brands like Sleepwell and Kurl-On mattresses and check the available assortments. These days Serta and Tempur mattreses have also gained popularity in Indian market. Watch out for these brands as well. 

Test the mattress before taking it home 

Last but not the least, lie down on the mattress for about 10-15 minutes to check for its comfort and authenticity. Of course, at the end of the day, you would not like to pay for something that does not offer a good return for money. 

Follow these simple steps and bring home quality mattress that offer a good value for money. 

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