How to choose the right floor for bathroom

Bathroom Interiors Dated:  Dec. 31, 2013
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Consider the following facts:

  • Is your floor very slippery?
  • Is it safe enough to walk in your bathroom barefooted? 
  • Is your floor impervious to water?
  • While choosing the right floor for your bathroom, you need to encounter a number of challenges. 

    Here we have gathered a few tips that can help you to find the correct bathroom flooring for your home. 

  1. Ceramic Tile:- It doesn't matter whether you are replacing an old tatty floor or you are installing a brand new one, you will never be able to beat ceramic or stone tile for durability and style. If this tile is laid properly, it becomes a forever floor that requires almost no attention or any maintenance. You can select from a variety of  colors and textures.



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  1. Hardwood:-  Ceramic tile is a very popular choice for bathroom flooring, but it's not the only choice.You can go for a variety  of choices available.  A hardwood or a solid wood floor in a bathroom looks very beautiful. Bathrooms are usually wet and moist so a wooden flooring can develop moist problems, especially around the toilet or under it, hence a professional help in this case is a must. If  the flooring choice of the other rooms is hardwood, then having the same pattern in your bathroom will give you a cohesive look, and you can always paint the wood to complement the rest of the rooms' style of decoration. 


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  1. Laminate flooring:-  This type of flooring offers the beauty and warmth of hardwoods at an affordable price. When it comes to bathroom flooring, many of us would prefer the classic look of hardwood or tile, but with a lower budget. This type of flooring is a smart alternative for people with tighter budgets. Laminate is easy to maintain, it requires a very less care and attention. They are also very durable,so  laminate flooring is a good choice for bathrooms.
  2. Vinyl Flooring:- Is also in the league of one of the most popular choices for bathroom flooring. Vinyl comes in two popular choices either in sheets or in tiles. Although, vinyl flooring looks very much similar to tile flooring  it is much softer underfoot. Vinyl tile is a good choice since tiles are easier to install and also to replace if needed. 


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  1. Marble/Stone Flooring:- Marble and stone tiles are often used in a bathroom for their endurance.Marble is a really smart choice to sustain hot, wet and humid environment inside the bathroom. Marble tiling in a bathroom can give you a luxurious look, however it is a bit expensive.  One cannot deny the fact that it is almost impossible to beat the overall ambiance that marble tiled bathroom can emancipate.So if you can afford marble flooring go ahead it would be a good option indeed.


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Apart from the above mentioned floorings, there are a variety of options available these days. You can choose any combination as per your need and requirement. 

Some other bathroom floorings available :-

  • Rubber flooring.
  • Glass tile.
  • Carpet flooring.



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