Design & Decor Selfies Dated:  March 29, 2014
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I had always envisaged of having a grand entrance to the home made up of pure white marble with a fountain nearby. Further indoors, I had wished to have a plush living room with a chandelier dangling down the ceiling. And all these years, I have tried hard to design my home as per my dreams. Though I couldn’t materialize the whole concept, yet what I have today is close to my dream. Well, there is no fountain in the vicinity, yet there is a Buddha statue that draws in serenity and life. 

The most challenging part of doing the interior was deciding the colours for walls. Thought people in here are vivacious and lively but rather than going for eye popping colours, we went for softer tones that keep us as well as the guests rejuvenated all the time.

The whole setting is simple yet elegant- exactly the way I wanted it to be. Most of the artefacts were purchased during tours here and there.

As soon as you enter, you will find a cosy sitting arrangement on the right hand side facing the home theatre on the left. The theatre room is the space that brings together the whole family. Decor is kept crisp and modern with minimal furniture. The drawing room is extended to the dining area where we have this wonderful painting put up on the wall facing the entrance.

The key holder pinned on one of the walls near the kitchen entrance is another replica of art which is surely going to grab your eyeballs. The cabinet put up across the dining area is neatly carved and loaded with crystal crockery sets which I am fond of.

And now let me take you to the WALL OF LIFE portrayed on the wall adjoining the entrance. I purchased all these artifices from the Gwalior fest- There is Ganesha- symbolising the beginning of life, after him comes the Sun- which is the supreme power that gives us energy  throughout the day. Then there is a beautifully carved face of a lady depicting the charm of wonderful life around us. But then, there lies the evil mask which warns us of the hardships we face in life. The WALL OF LIFE describes life as a beautiful journey with a number of ups and downs .And as for me, I had always wanted this to be a part of my home. 

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Now, let me take you to my kids’ bedrooms. For Jhanvi, the colour is pink, her favourite which portrays a very girly look. And as for my son, he is a little laid back who prefer it simple and classy. The white colour dominates the wall. 

We had never hired any interior designers; It was my view towards life and urge to pursue dreams moved me to decorate the interiors with such a taste. You can see it all reflected in my classic déco. Also, home is a place one should design in a way that at the end of the day you simply wish to stay back and relax. And that’s what I did! 

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