Indian Idol Sensation Abhijeet Sawant's Home is a Replica of his Pristine Personality

The Story of My Home Dated:  Aug. 20, 2014
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Abhijeet Sawant

Nine years back, a sensational voice arose out of nowhere and set ablaze the entire music industry on fire. He was declared the winner of Indian Idol, an Indian on-TV music competition launched in the year 2005. Abhijeet Sawant was an overnight success!

He got his first break through his music album “Mohabbatein Lutaunga”. The album was a hit and the musical career of the self-made singer started escalating once more. Then came the second album “Junoon” which occupied the top most position on record charts for weeks. The second single “Ek Shaqs” became a popular song. Abhijeet also joined the Shiv Sena, with a mandate to attract youth to the party fold.

Living room apartment

Abhijeet got his ticket to Bollywood  via hit song “Marjawaan Mitjawaan” from the movie “Aashiq Banaya Aapne”.  Also, the singer has made a special appearance in the popular tele soap “Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai” as himself for an episode. He also performed at Star Parivaar Awards 2008. He, along with his wife Shilpa, participated in the Dancing Reality Show, Nach Baliye (Season 4) in 2008-2009. And then the big thing was his acting debut with the movie Lottery. He also made a small appearance at the end of film “Tees Maar Khan”. He also co- hosted Indian Idol 5 along with Hussain Kuwajerwala.

Being an Indian Idol, he participated in Asian Idol (2007), despite not winning, he was credited by the judges for giving Asian audience a taste of Indian music. He was also among the top finalists of  “Clinic All Clear Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar”.

Enough of introduction now! His career info is transparent to the fans across the country and beyond. But today, we are gonna reveal to you something more personal- that has never been shown on the television or has never been featured in a magazine. Catching up with awesome Mr. Abhijeet Sawant was a pleasure; As he invites us indoors, he just begins unfolding a true meaning of simplicity! We simply followed him.

Located on the 28th floor of the building, Abhijeet Sawant's abode is immaculate and pristine in itself. As Abhijeet puts, quest for a spacious 4 bhk apartment in Mumbai is nearly impossible. Despite that the charming actor has managed to find a space with enormous living room and huge balconies. The interiors are warm and welcoming with a blend of right tones.

living room design

As we entered the apartment, a musical themed living room welcomed us. Plush leather sofas resting against the display wall and a comfy ottoman occupied the central area overlooking the balcony and cornering a coffee table that looked more like a wooden chest. Also, there was a fancy Bohemian chair with vibrant upholstery that was quite apparent from the distance. Abhijeet had mentioned- “It is one of my prized possessions.” All the seating furniture was dressed in finest leather upholstery. The living area was carpeted with a plush rug. An alcove to the left of the display wall was reserved for classical music keepsakes- the sitar and tabla. The ambiance was perfect, showcasing the traits of Abhijeet in a very elegant manner.


Abhieet Stays with his wife, parents and sister. There is a maid to look after the cleaning part. The flat was bought three years ago and was a joint decision of the couple Abhijeet and Shilpa. They had hired an interior designer in the beginning who had shaped up their home exactly in the same manner as they wanted. Since Abhijeet and Shilpa, both find pleasure in keeping things simple, minimal yet beautiful, the entire house was given the same backdrop. Instead of eye-popping colors like red and blue, the walls are evenly painted in neutral tones like browns, beiges, whites and ash gray. Well, there has been no compromises with the aesthetics.

Dining Room

From walls to furniture, paintings to decoratives, everything is kept very subtle. The knick-knacks and accessories have been picked up from various places in the US.

When asked about the favorite room, Abhijeet retorted suddenly- “Music and Gaming room where no one disturbs me.. where there are no distractions.” The singer is deeply obsessed with music and his soul finds pleasure in those places of the house where the beats do not break the rhythm.

Study area

And wonder which corners are his favorite? Those fitted with electric sockets. And the reason is very clear- without sockets around, he couldn't work on his laptop or play guitar.

Now moving to the rooms, each one was decorated keeping in mind the requirements of the occupants. For instance, his sister prefers minimal ad sleek looking furniture and hence the same was brought in. His parents needed more storage space and hence there were spacious wardrobes and storage racks.

Bedroom Design

Abhijeet proudly mentioned that he is more than satisfied with a open , airy and bright bedroom with a warm aura. “I realize that if we wake up to space with a bright aura, we get positive vibes that stay on throughout the day. Also, since I have an enormous glass wall in the bedroom, I can enjoy a perfect morning view of sun rays pouring down the window panes right from my bed.” described the singer.

Modern Kitchen

Other rooms like kitchen ad bathroom was also designed to compromise between style and functionality. As for the kitchen, it is blessed with  enough shutters and shelves to take care of stuff. The space has been used quite smartly. Although the bathrooms were kept simple and weren't changed for quite a while, they looked neat and well maintained.

When we asked him to share a message with other homeowners, the actor sighed and then replied “I like simplicity, and as I travel a lot and stay in hotels, I expect a better feeling when I come home. I think everyone should find a place that's comfortable and relaxing instead of just following over-exaggerated and over done interior design ideas. No matter that looks good but it’s more difficult to maintain and keep the same spark for years.”

A sense of satisfaction was evident in these words and contentment could be seen in his eyes. We were left with a message about the true meaning of simplicity.

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