Interior Design for 2 BHK Apartments

Decor Tips Dated:  Aug. 18, 2014
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While living in a 5 bedroom 4 bathroom and gigantic kitchen palace (that size has got to be more than a home, right?) has been a childhood dream for most of us, affording to white elephant isn’t all of our cup of tea! So, being left with a 2 BHK apartment and the will to make the most of it brings us here. Read underneath for the basic requirements of the interior design of your place and innovate and decorate!

Colours: Colours are the most important factor to consider when it comes to home décor. Wall colours are your starting point in this game. Warm pastels like yellows or shades like ivory help reflect light in your living room area and make it appear larger. If you have a huge space however, shades like greens or blues can help you make it look cosier.  Darker colours would do the same. Select the rest of the colours in your room in accordance with, or in contrast to your wall colour. For example, have rich coloured sofas with light coloured walls and vice versa. Similarly, select bright flowers like violets or gerberas to spruce up your interiors. Colours do most of the work for you when you want lovely looking interiors. By this, we mean the entire colour scheme, including flowers, colours of your furniture, doors and windows, etc.

Wall Décor: Wall décor overall implies the colour, the wall design, patterns, murals, anything. Wallpapers, textured walls to display prized photographs or antique clocks, murals or decals keeping in tow with your décor theme is gaining extreme popularity with each passing day. You might want to put kiddie decals or get murals professionally done if you have babies or children in the house. If the home houses adults, the wall design has to be chosen

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according to your tastes and preferences.

Flooring: When we talk about flooring these days, wood is the first idea that strikes. The timelessness and class that is imparted to your home by hardwood floors is difficult to meet by any other type of floor. Wood flooring, especially when we’re talking about a small apartment is handy, not too expensive and looks like a million bucks. Hardwood flooring will last you a lifetime with the job of upkeep reduced to very little. Marble and tiles have also been long-time favourite options with homeowners.

Lighting: Lights help accentuate the entire look and feel of your space. Pendant lighting and accent lighting do great justice to the aura of your home. Use lights smartly to pretty up your 2-BHK apartment design like nothing else. The choice of lighting would vary from room to room, like pendant lighting in the hallway and living area to soft lighting in the bedrooms.

Ceilings: Ceilings are as important a part of your home décor as your walls and windows and doors. We tend to not pay attention to this detail in going ga-ga over the others. A well designed and executed ceiling adds to the look of your home

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augments it. False ceilings are increasingly being used in households these days to avoid the boredom of a regular ceiling design. Moreover, false ceilings allow one to experiment with varied lighting options, which normal ceilings will not allow.

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