Interior Design Ideas for Bedrooms

Bedroom Design & Decor Dated:  Nov. 14, 2014
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Luxury Bedroom Design by: Shahen Mistry

As per Vastu Shastra your bedroom is the place where your feet are and where your body finds rest. It is a place that needs to provide a sense of relief and peace to a weary body and mind; after all this is the space where you will come to crash after a hard day’s work and stress. While deciding upon the design and style of your bedroom you need to ensure that it is not crowded with useless stuff and that it has a peaceful and relaxing feel to it. When we talk about bedrooms; one thing that always works is simplicity. Yet, keeping it simple is more of a challenge than making it complex and intricate.

Tiny White Bedroom with Sheer Curtains, Design by: Deepa Raj

Floor plan

Have you ever noticed that almost all hotels have a very simple plan incorporated in their bedrooms? They always keep maximum circulation to one side of the room. This gets a little challenging when you try to incorporate a bathroom and closet area before the sleeping area because that requires a longer hall. But if you create the access to the bathroom and closet from or through the sleeping area then you don’t need a larger hall and can actually add more circulation space and make the place feel larger.

Four Poster Bed Design by: Hameeda Sharma

The View Matters

Who doesn’t want to see a nice sunrise or some pleasant view through the window on waking up? Be it a view of your backyard or a stunning seaside. Try to incorporate a layout that incorporates a good view from your bedroom window.

Luxury Master Bedroom with wallpaper, Design by: Amit walavalkar Adorn space concepts pvt ltd.

Privacy is Crucial

Try to design your bedroom in a way that it is located away from the public eye. A small foyer can easily provide a separation from the rest of the family rooms. See if you can keep your bedroom away from the kitchen or salon. At the same time connect your bedroom with the outdoors as much as you can. It is a great way of expanding your bedroom and making it look more spacious. This will also allow for natural light to enter your bedroom. French doors can do this trick pretty neatly.

Furniture layout

The architectural placing of your bedroom should be done keeping the furniture layout in mind. Most bedroom plans have a bed wall but very often there is no consideration done on account of dressers, nightstands, chairs, desk and TV etc. It is best that you work it out in detail with your architect while planning the layout of the house. Make sure there is ample space to circulate and access three sides of your mattress.

Natural Light in Bedroom, Design by: N. goyal associates

Light and ventilation

Try to incorporate cross ventilation and natural light in your bedroom plan. For example if you locate your bedroom in a corner of the house, then you can have a window on one or two of adjacent walls and this will allow you both a good view and ample sunlight which is easily available in India all through the year.

Master Bedroom, Design by: Nostri Architects

Bed location

Bedrooms are made for beds and the location of your bed can make all the difference. Most designers suggest placing the bed in a corner as it provides a private corner. It should face the door diagonally for maximum impact and should not be in direct line with the bedroom doors. You can make the bedroom look really stunning with a tastefully done headboard, which should be soft and without any hard edges. Canopies and bed curtains can provide even more privacy and elegance to the room.

Modern Bedroom with a Large Mirror, Design by: Sonali Shah


Mirrors add a touch of style and magic to the bedroom and work especially well with small bedrooms as they reflect light and make the room look larger. You can hang a big mirror on the wall to fill a blank space or to make up for the lack of a dressing table. It gives an illusion of depth to the room and comes in pretty handy for daily dressing and styling.

The Red Room, Design by: Seema Shukla

Color and Pattern

You can instantly personalize your bedroom by using your favorite colors and soothing patterns. The striped and geometric designs give a nice and clean look. They also appear minimalistic if done carefully. Most contemporary designs are now making use of very clean, edgy and simplistic lines. Depending on the geography of the area – humid, dry, sunny or rainy – you can incorporate colors that can offset Nature and create the right ambiance and mood. The most commonly used colors in bedrooms tend to be various shades of whites and blues but depending on the age, personality and style these colors can also morph into hues of orange, pink, green and yellow.


No matter what the floor plan or furniture layout, a tasteful selection of furniture and its type can do wonders for the final design and appearance of your bedroom. The most commonly used furniture colors in Indian bedrooms tend to be blacks and browns yet the new generation is increasingly wandering away from playing safe and experimenting with bold ochre and gold in both bed linen and cushions. Depending on your style statement and space constraints you can select a suitable furniture type- bamboo, leather, chunky wood, Victorian patterns, edgy, modern, contemporary or minimalist. The new age people are increasingly turning towards the use of hemp and wicker furniture as it is good for the environment, they are even looking into and designing their bedroom furniture with recycled products.

Bedroom with furniture, design by: ROHIT MITRA

Zen designing

This is a rather new concept and puts the entire emphasis of bedroom designing on harmony. In other words after all is said and done, every floor plan, wall accent, piece of furniture, drapery, linen, closet should go along with each other. The use of natural material constitutes a basic principle of Zen designing, while avoiding the unnecessary clutter as much as you can.

In the end whether you use Zen, New Age or Traditional Style, your bedroom should reflect your personality loud and clear and should be a safe haven for both your body and soul. So get going and have a grand time designing that dream bedroom. And don't forget to share your designs with us here.

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