Interior Design Ideas for Kid's Rooms

Kids Room Interior Design Dated:  Nov. 14, 2014
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Bunk Bed Design by: Dimple Kohli

I think when it comes to designing your kid’s room you can actually let your imagination run riot …so long as that rioting falls in line with your kid’s choices and taste. It is like an opportunity to get back in touch with the kid inside you. It is a wonderful excuse to let your creative juices flow freely. Yet, it can be more challenging than you might have thought. Now, before our own imagination runs amok; let us have a look at a few useful tips for creating the interior design of your kid’s room.

Blue Themed Kids Bedroom Design by: Ambati chandra Shekhar


First thing to do is pick a theme around which you will build the room. Sit with your son or daughter and discuss it with them. In many ways it is the theme that will guide the floor plan and walls as well as accessories. From Asop’s fables to one eyed pirates, you can create any story with the help of various accessories, decals, legos, toys, wall mounts and furniture. Even the bed linen, drapery, soft toys and cushions can help you create a magical theme. If you can have a clear picture in your mind it will be all the easier to design the very shape and feel of the room around it. Your best source for the most wonderful ideas for this part of interior designing could be found on the various home décor and design websites on the World Wide Web.

Small Kids room is made for 2 with Dramatic coloured, Design by: Shahen Mistry


Next on your designing palate should be the color scheme. You will need to involve the kid in choosing it, just as you did with the theme. Remember the colors will differ for boys and girls. If you wish to keep it somehow neutral then you could choose color schemes like white with fresh aqua shades and if possible yellow colored add on and accessories. You could also go with white and sunny orange with a touch of aqua or creamy blue. Some other good combinations that can really liven up your kid’s room can be – Bright green with a zingy purple and a splash of white; for an older boy you could always add some gray instead of green or vice versa. Whereas for a girl you could introduce more of pinks, peaches and purples. A really bright and zingy color scheme for a girl would be fuchsia pink in combination with bright orange with a background of white all over. Color schemes are something that can be created endlessly. So just test and try as many combinations as you can before you settle for one.

Kids room with Toys, Design by:Karthikeyan Perumal

Toys and accessories

Go bananas with toys and accessories. You can have loads tucked away with a few of them tastefully displayed in the box ladders or doll house.

Let the Kids rule

One great way of keeping your children’s creative juices flowing is to have an entire wall for them to paint and draw on. This way you won’t have to scrub the crayons from the walls all over the house and your kid can invite his or her friends over to paint the room RED. Incorporate Nature motifs and try to bring the outdoors within the room.

Kids room Design by: Nilanjan Bhowal


When it comes to kids one has to be very careful with regards to the safety and security of their environs. Make sure that the shelves and cupboards are solid and safety proof. Remember not to put delicate glass or easily breakable stuff in a kid’s room. Instead make use of wood, plaster, concrete and fiber glass. If you find that the fancy shelves may topple down then secure them with earthquake ties, so it stays put. In other words supervise the entire floor and wall plan with a fine tooth comb to catch the weak and dangerous spots and ensure to rectify and address those concerns. Make sure that the room gets enough natural light during day and has a night stand or bed lamp.

Kids room with Multi-functional Bed, Design by: Zerogravitystudio


Choose furniture that is built to last and can serve multiple functions. For example invest in a crib that can convert into a bed or a desk cum bed later on. Mostly the space for a kid’s room is small and is meant for them to both play and sleep in. whatever furniture you choose should be able to stand both use and misuse. Make sure there are no sharp edges and that the paint and varnish on them is not toxic. Remember to install a study desk or computer table. If you are one of those indulgent parents that enjoy a game of X-box with the kid …keep a suitable space or corner for that too.

Wallpaper in kids room, Design by: Arpita Doshi


You can use the walls to create a spot of group photos or a collection of fun photos of your kid. You can also use the walls to hang their art and craft or even simple doodles. This will encourage them to keep expressing themselves artistically and build up a creative bent of mind. You can use a number of accessories like wall posters, hangings and stickers to liven up your kid’s room. One of the most creative and interesting way to introduce effective and intermittent change in your kid’s room is to use Decal sceneries. These themed sceneries are easily available in the Indian markets now and offer all kinds of ambience. You can transform your son’s room into a space station or jungle and your daughter’s room into a princess’s castle or fairytale with such ease that you may even start wandering installing these in your own room.

Kids room Wall Graphics, Design by: Shahen Mistry

In the end remember that little one is going to grow at a pretty fast rate and would soon be asking for a change. You will have to be smart when designing the room and will have to remember that you will need to redo it or replace the furniture and accessories sooner or later. To some extent you can circumvent these changes by considering installing furniture that is adjustable to height etc. However you may want to manage it; it is advisable to bear in mind that these kids will soon be transforming from hyper active kids to hyper sensitive and stylish teens.

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