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Kitchen Design & Decor Dated:  Oct. 30, 2014
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Kitchen Designed by: Rohit Mitra

No matter how you cut it; the kitchen is one part of your house plan which will be the most crucial and challenging. Gone are the days of large Indian families cooking together and sharing meals in one kitchen. The families have gone nuclear and have changed the entire kitchen scenario to an extent that it hardly resembles the kitchens of even a decade before now. Just as the families have gone from joint and large to nuclear and small; the space too has become constrained and often presents a problem in laying out the design and lines of the contemporary kitchen. Following are a few interior design ideas for your dream kitchen:

kitchenDesign by: Hameeda Sharma

The work triangle

It was quite a while ago that the architects and designers realized that the movement between the gas stove, sink and fridge constituted a pivotal interactive work triangle for any and every kitchen. The three are simply indispensable in the functioning of a kitchen. Today the kitchen experts call their interconnectedness by the name of “Work Triangle”.

The idea behind this concept is that when these three essential items are in appropriate proximity to each other the kitchen will function in a much smoother manner. The main idea is not to have any cabinets or constructions intersecting the triangle. The sum of all three sides of this work triangle is supposed to be between 13 to 26 feet and no line of this triangle should be less than 4 feet.

kitchen designDesign by: Arbaysis Ashley

Clever usage of space

Space is a challenge when it comes to most metro cities in India. That is where your designing skill will be put to test. Yet, there are many ways you can tackle this challenge successfully.

Find ways to hang the appliances tastefully or have them mounted on walls wherever you can.

Use the walls to erect little platforms, hooks and hangers on which you can adorn your gadgets and utensils. For example you can have things like the aluminum foil, cling film, kitchen towels, knife rack, spoon holders etc. stacked away neatly in such contraptions; rather than having them take precious space on the kitchen slab or table.


If you are someone who spends considerable time in the kitchen you would know the value of adequate natural light. It is always nice to have sun light streaming into the kitchen or to have the facility of a window that opens up to a nice scenery or view. If that is not possible than you need to ensure a good flow of light from the light fixtures in the kitchen. You see in many cases the tube light is often on top of a big cupboard or storage area and its circumference is considerably diminished. Make sure that there is provision for ample light for you cooking area. A poorly lit kitchen can lead to a number of complications and issues.

Cabinet KitchenDesign by: Jeetendra Pareek


If you can then build overhead cupboards that go all the way to the top because it provides storage space and makes the kitchen look bigger. Incorporate more drawers in comparison to cupboards with shelves. It is far easier to access the far end of a drawer than opening a cupboard and reaching the back end of a shelf.

Ensure the height of shelves in the cupboard is in sync with your height and that you can easily access the storage space or you will be forced to use a stepping ladder each time you need to use the crockery and cutlery.

Modular kitchen

Most people are installing modular kitchens and often talk of it with great pride, but the fact is that even within modular kitchen options there are many design and functionality variations. Your job is to choose the one that best suits your requirements. Depending on your style of cooking if you need to use more pots and pans and less pressure cookers and Kadahis then you need to make sure that your modular kitchen is designed to house and store the utensils that you would need and use.

You may be into giving corporate parties or you may be someone who enjoys family get together. Both will require a different set of set up, utensils and equipment. So make sure that you install a bespoke modular kitchen.

kitchen entrance door designsDesign by: Arpita Doshi

Location, entrance and door

Call it Feng shui or Vastu Shastra; the placing and location of your kitchen has to be done with a lot of care. Although most of us are novices in understanding the flow of energy, very few of us are unaware of its importance. If I was to put it simply then whether you have the kitchen in the far corner of your apartment or bang in the middle of your salon can make a huge difference. Going by the contemporary trend most kitchens now are part of the drawing and dining area and are without doors. The place of doors has been taken by lovely arches and tastefully done entrance structures.

Color and theme

Last but not the least will be the color and theme. It should not only match with the rest of the house but should complement the entire kitchen design. Believe it or not the color scheme can make a place look welcome, spacious, lighted and stylish whereas a choice of unsuitable color and theme can make it dreary, dull and undesirable.  

Kitchen Design Idea Design by: Ruchira Patel

Finally, whether it is a designer or an architect who is laying out the plans for your kitchen, make sure you don’t let them get away with what they want. Be firm and make sure that your suggestions are heard and implemented, while keeping an open ear to their expert opinions. There are times when they present you with ideas that may work very well as per their perception but may not suit your style and requirement. Let the entire design be user friendly while endeavoring to make it appealing to the eye.

The kitchen is the stomach as well as the soul of the house. It is one place where the entire family congregates at one time or another. Where you find solace in food and conversations. Design it well and keep it happy.

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