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The Story of My Home Dated:  March 28, 2014
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Colors and expressions are integral part of our lives. Though we come across them every day, yet the encounter is transient and vague and haphazard! A while ago, during a tour down the West, I came across a villa amidst the busy streets and crowded alleys. The location was a little deceptive for a swanky house with a contemporary backdrop. The exteriors didn’t give a clear picture of what was in there, and hence I wasn’t sure that this visit is going to unfold a completely new horizon! 

The interiors were drenched in vibrant colors. There were artistic portraits and stills in every room, bold and vivid art everywhere. The contemporary style home has captured the intrinsic colors and bold expressions from life and thus, has preserved that lively charm in the aura. 

The WallThe Wall

Standing on the threshold, I could see a brown textured wall that continued to the entrance door. There were ornate carvings etched upon the wall. And right opposite to the wall was the beautiful water fountain which according to Mrs. Katyal was inspired from a Waterfall Resort in Jaipur. 

The Entrance 

White color dominated the interiors. An antique clock on the wall beamed at us while we made our way towards the seating room. The floors were polished in dark wood and the ceiling was lined with rafters. The setting was a mixture of western and modern.

The Living Room 

The metallic sofas were dressed up with dark colored upholstery; curtains and blinds were kept simple and minimal. And then there was that enormous portrait of a lady, which seemed to adorn the neutral wall. Vibrant colors oozed from her face bringing to life her candid expressions! 

The painting

Also the centerpieces and the table accents were thoughtfully chosen to match the setting. For instance, the Silver tray with a set of three silver candles was brought in to create a perfect mood.

Similarly, the dining room décor was kept subtle with whites and beiges; however, there was an eye-appealing canvas depicting a sunset scene which was made an integral part of the dining space to breathe a new life into the space.

The Dining Room 

If I am to describe the house in three words, I would say- artistic, bold and creative. And not to mention, I was completely bewildered by a 3D wall in the kitchen that depicted a sketch of another kitchen.

The 3D wall in the Kitchen 

For once, I almost bumped onto the surface of the wall to have a peek out of the window! According to Mrs. Katyal, this design was done by an architect, who was hired in the beginning. 

The Spiral Staircase

I descended down the spiral staircase and landed into the basement. There was a completely different world hidden in there. The landing was spacious. The walls were painted in royal blue.

The Basement 

A florid butterfly stretched its wings on the wall behind the sofas. There was a snooker table right in front of a peppy door that opened into a home theatre.

The Door to the Home Theatre 

The door featured a scary caricature, with finger on its lips, as if gesturing the visitors to remain silent for the time the movie goes on. Also, there was a small bar on the other side, right under the staircase.

Mrs. Katyal in her bar 

The adjoining wall featured a large painting depicting a bar.  In short, the space was all set for random entertainment and in house parties.  

And if you are wondering where all the grandeur was hidden, I would show you their Home Theatre which was equipped with comfortable recliners to provide an enjoyable movie experience. 

The Home Theatre 

The comfortable recliners 

Above all, if you would ever want to get out and bask in the lap of nature, there was an exotic garden on the terrace to fulfil your desires.It was almost evening when we went upstairs with dusk almost setting in and making the space more inviting. 

Mrs. Katyal and her daughter in their terrace garden 

Katyals have always wanted to have a home that caters to their all sorts of requirements. And, since entertainment was a major one, hence they have to carve out a space like this in the basement. The lively ambience was maintained not only for the vivacious family members who were fun connoisseurs but also for guests who would like to come over for the party any day. 
With art and caricatures everywhere, and ambience so alive and refreshing, the space sets a perfect example of an upbeat home where art, décor and creativity collide and the enthusiastic individuals live together in harmony. 

Photo Credits: Riku Sharma

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