Defining Landscape in One Word- Order

Landscape Architecture Dated:  Aug. 24, 2015
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The Garden landscape Design by Architect: Pinky Pandit

What is Landscape?

Landscape is defining a boundary or creating a defined space out of the unlimited vacuum by imparting a specific set of visual and functional characteristics achieved by grouping elements and materials in a definite order. The order is created among these separate entities by grouping them with similar or different features so as to be in harmony with the surrounding as well as with them. This orderly process creates a visually aesthetic space and also separate and allocate different spaces to different uses like pathway, sitting area, vegetation strip, buffer zone etc. There are some other aspects which when put in order lead to the design principles in landscape.

Order Brings Balance:-

 Balance may be in the form of quantity or quality. For example, many small shrubs on one side of a road may be well balanced by a few plants but species with denser leaves. The size and proportion of the space and elements used also are brought in order so as to fit among themselves and seem merged with the surroundings.

A gigantic tree standing amidst a bush of smaller shrubs would not be very pleasing to the eyes, neither a very narrow gravel pathway in a vast open space.

Bringing order to the vegetation in space creation is very important as trees and plants are one of the main elements which define a place. As already mentioned in the previous point of balance, the heights, colours and species of vegetation impart the characteristic effect to the landscape. And also, Pixels is another factor of influence which can be achieved by varying the size and colour of the leaves and branches of the vegetation.

Order also leads to typology of the forms and the arrangements of the forms. Forms may be designed beforehand in an object or created by modifyingthe objects like trimming the leaves and branches of shrubs to give them a desired shape.

Elements of Importance in Landscape:-

The topography of a place may be random and not uniform. If the levels and gradients are put in some order, then a flow gets created visually or functionally.

The texture of the objects used also needs to be in accordance with the needs of the space.

Colors play a vital role in creating an order in the space. The complementary colours, and colours pleasing and soothing to the viewing eyes could be used.

The position of the objects is strictly controlled and any unwanted natural or artificial growth of the same elements, but in places apart from the allocated areas would be scrapped off and discarded. Thus, there are similar principles of law and order in the society that is followed in landscaping as well.

Ornamentation, which improves the aesthetics, also follows a particular order or class failing which the objects tend to not look in harmony and unity with each other.

For better understanding, let us consider some architectural examples:

If pseudo-columns of Ionic or Doric class are used, then the other elements must be white and have similar design elements. Likewise, when terracotta tiles are used as paving materials, then the other objects may be made of same clayey material or similar color.

Figure 1 & figure 2 explains two examples how order can be used to create beautiful landscapes.

Landscape DesignFigure 1, Landscape Design
Landscape Design IdeaFigure 2, Landscape Design Idea

Natural 'Order'

It can be unequivocally and unambiguously iterated that landscaping is bringing a piece of land or space in order in contrast to the surroundings where things are not much in proper arrangement. This ‘Order’ creates a separate entity of space within the vast endless environment. All living beings follow the guidelines set by the landscape and sometimes, human accessibility to some areas may be restricted naturally by the characteristics of the design itself. So, the resultant space is visually pleasing to the eyes, provides buffer zones, creates micro climatic conditions, transition spaces and sometimes aromatic pleasures too. Be it a small garden or a big park, order makes it possible to bring all the objects in unity and harmony simultaneously. Thus, Landscape, in simple terms could be defined as ‘order’.

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