Latest Decor Pick: Luminous Fabric

Home Furnishings Dated:  Jan. 4, 2014
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Who doesn't dream of romancing the starry night? And , now it seems like science is gonna materialize this dream for you.Most of you might have caught a glimpse of this avant-garde fabric on one of the pages of your dailies or have casually bumped into an article on the internet, featuring the wonders of luminous fabric.Even if you are not completely aware of what on earth these fabric doit's not that difficult to speculate on the purpose they serve. Name says it all.

Well, if you can sense the clue from the first paragraph, the first thing you would do is to go down your house and ditch all your energy exhaustive lighting fixtures. And all the high end homeowners out there can continue their dream of romancing the starry sky. Just replace your upholstery, curtains and cushions and experience the charm that follows. Luminous fabric just work wonders for decor. The light emitted by the fabric mesmerizes the aura in the darkness. It's a sensational brand new concept in the market, which is yet to touch several lives and hence incorporating this concept in the interiors would really allow you to make a statement. 

Built across the principles that embrace fiber optics, these fabric are woven with synthetic fibers right away. And composed of specially treated ultra-fine optical fibers, the fabric emit lights along their length. Light can be of any color. It all depends on the type of electronic module used. And if you begin to think that your luminous furniture are susceptible to catch fire in no time, let go of your worries. The fabric is neither electrically nor electromagnetically driven. Nevertheless, the best part- these fabric are waterproof and washable. 

Now, often when a festive season is right around the corner, people go prissy over a couple of things pertaining to decor. Why not lift up the mood with luminous fabric this time ? 

Does it fall within your budget line ?

Luminous fabric is in no way going to serve the decor aspirations of low budget homeowners, apparently; unless you are seriously willing to toss more than enough bucks. As a matter of fact,it falls in high end category. 

Quality, it is! 

If you are wondering about the value of money it provides, relax there. The fabric is highly durable in the long run. Moreover, it is waterproof and damage proof. 

Go on, materialize your starry dreams 

Now here are few ways in which you can create an extraordinarily remarkable impression with these technologically advanced fabric. 

Furniture upholstery: You can use these fabric as plush sofa/couch upholstery or as a chair covering and align these furniture in the center of your living room. You can also have luminous cushions. Turn off the lights and let the magic begin. 

Luminous Cushions

Draperies : These enigmatic cloth pieces can be used as draperies that continue to caste a magical spell in the dark, when the winds begin to change directions.

Luminous curtains

Tablecloths : If you have set several tables for a party, ensure that the tablecloths are luminous. The setting when viewed from the top, looks no less than the replica of a starry night sky. 

Luminous Tablecloths

Bed covers and bedspreads : Are you afraid of the dark? Get yourself few fiber optic bedsheets and bed covers. The lighting effects are subtle and surreal unlike those of lighting fixtures. 

Luminous bed cover 

Wall panels and ceilings: Cut few strips of luminous cloth and inlay them on your living room walls and ceilings in a spectacular way that represents an artwork. 



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