Lavish rugs from around the world

Home Furnishings Dated:  Jan. 4, 2014
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The concept of floor dressing didn't just arrive out of nowhere. It has been there since good old times when the art of weaving emerged; And despite evolution of cultures and inception of new trends every year, this concept is extensively being followed in various Indian homes. There are few designers in India who could design an entire house around rugs and carpets if asked. Carpeted floors have a special charm and elegance associated with them which is quite evident in the decor.

Traditional Indian handmade rugs, unquestionably, are the most sought after ones in the country. Six out of ten Indian homeowners might have had these rugs as a part of decor once in their lives. Yet those who are fond of diversity would not mind taking a leaf out of various books from around the world. And when it comes to rugs, there are endless options here. Apart from Indian handwoven ones, there are various assortment of rugs known by the regions where they were originated. Each rug sings praises of its culture and tradition. And the best part- You don't actually have to travel overseas to buy one of these. You will find them all here- in India itself. Here, have a look.

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  1. Persian Rugs: Imported straight from Persia , these rugs tell a very Persian story which is reflected in their antique designs and exquisite fabrics which are one of a kind. Available in both traditional and contemporary designs, these rugs greatly accentuate the living room decor thanks to their weaving style, eye-pleasing sketches in vibrant contrast of colors.

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  1. Kashmir Rugs : Since the trend originated in Persia itself , Kashmir rugs are a part of hand-woven Persian rugs, yet they are slightly different than Persian ones in the design which portrays more of Kashmiri culture. These rugs are woven in Kashmiri style and are available in a plethora of colors and designs.

  2. Oriental rugs: These rugs came from the far east- China and Vietnam, where they actually originated in the late 1800s. These rugs feature colors and patterns pertaining to Chinese culture. Most of these come in floral designs; However, others feature a numeric art and geometrical motifsblended within. Antique oriental rugs seems to derive the designs from ancient Central Asian culture. Fabric material used is either wool or silk. Oriental rugs are either woven with pile or without pile.

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Where to find them?

From what the statistics say, various small rug making businesses have drastically gained momentum over a period of past few decades. This has been possible with the increase in demand of buyers in India. There

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various rug merchants across the country who deal in hand-woven carpets.You can also find them online. 

  1. Tibetan rugs: Though not very Chinese and royal like the oriental ones, Tibetan rugs are relatively cheaper hand-made rugs which are widely popular across Tibet and most of North India. These rugs were woven by the tribes for their bread and butter in the past. However, due to their one-of-a-kind art, these rugs have made their way to India where they are sold in good numbers.

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