Low budget interior design for living room

Low Cost Decor Ideas Dated:  Nov. 19, 2014
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White Modern Living Interiors by: Gaurav Arora

Just as your heart is centrally located in the body the Living room too is very central to the house. It is one place where you will spend most of your time – be it watching the TV, welcoming and entertaining guests or just sitting together with the family and sharing important moments. Since it is the one area in the house that receives the most traffic and is used to the max; it tends to get worn out pretty fast. We all need to redo our living room periodically. At times even to keep pace with the ever changing trends and styles in furniture; but most of the time the only thing keeping us away from renovating and redesigning our Living room is our financial budget limits. Very often we simply keep putting it off for a later time when we will have more funds. In such situations if we could find a way of designing or redesigning our living room at a low budget that really would solve our dilemma. So here are a few low cost but stylish ways of designing your Living room on a low budget.

Low budget Living Space Decor, by: Sandesh Prabhu

Shop at home

I am pretty sure you are wandering what the heck I mean by shop at home. Well, the fact is that very often we have stuff lying unused in our closets and storage areas that can be new again if polished a bit and shown the light of day. You may even find a few things in the other rooms of the house that can be better used in the Living room. Or you could simply shift the stuff from one room to another. This will allow you to change the look and feel of the room by simply exchanging or repositioning stuff. Here are a few examples just to give you an idea of what I am suggesting:

  1. A new coat of paint and a bit of filling can fix a multitude of issues like smudges, worn out wood, peeling surface and fading colors. Any piece of furniture can get a brand new avatar with the help of a fresh paint and a bit of fixing.
  2. If you do not feel like using the paint brush; you could simply create a stylish skirt for those worn out table legs and simply throw a matching table cloth on the top. The sofa sets and chairs too can get a new cover and start looking brand new.
Simple Living Room Furniture Design Ideas by: Anthony Raj

Go Natural

The New Age Mantra is all about going simple and Natural. Pick a fallen tree branch, some pebbles or a piece of stone from your visits to the sea side or hill tops and place them tastefully in a corner where they create an altogether new ambience. You can also carve sand paper, paint or decorate these items as per your talents and likes. The best thing to do is to make it a family project and let all chip in with their talent pool and creative juices. Very often these simple pieces turn out to be the most asked about and noticeable in the Living room.

Green Living Room Interior Design Idea by: Deep and hana architects

Go Green

Add plants. There was a time when almost every one in ten Indian household had a bulb or pot of Money Plant placed in their Living room. Since then a lot has changed. You have a variety of options available to go green in your Living room. They not only cheer up the space but also make it more relaxed, restful and welcoming. A study done in 2008 by Dutch researchers revealed that hospital patients who had indoor plants in their rooms had lower stress levels in comparison to the patients which were kept without them. Following is a list of plants that you can use for your Living room:

  1. English Ivy is considered the best air filtering house plant. It is the most absorbent when it comes to formaldehyde. Not only that it is also very easy to grow and is quite adaptable. You can use it both as a hanging or floor plant. It grows in moderate temperatures and needs only medium sunlight.
  2. Peace Lily is another option. This beautiful flower is low maintenance and does well in shade and can reduce a number of toxins in the air.
  3. Snake plants are a common sight in a number of Indian households as they require only a little amount of water and light to survive. So you can place them any nook or corner of your Living room.
  4. Bamboo palm is on the NASA list of top clean air plants with a score of 8.4. It also removes Benzene and Trichloroethylene from the atmosphere. Though, it does need to be watered regularly and has to be kept in indirect sunlight.

Spider plant, Philodendron, Red edged Dracaena and Golden Pothos are few other plants that can be used very effectively. All you need is a chic, plant holder and a good placing to make the best of this option.

Create your own Artwork

Yes, let your creativity out of the box and check out all sorts of art and craft ideas. Pinterest is one website where you can find a host of these ideas; done in the best possible way. As you search and scout the net you will be able to come up with numerous ideas that would allow you to create your own pieces of décor, design and art. For example you could take an old birdcage, take out the bottom and then fit it with a basic lamp cord kit and chain which can be bought from any hardware shop. You could even use a chandelier shade to give that extra fine touch.

Truth is once you open your mind up to the ideas for low budget interior design options you will find innumerable options. If you wish to change the touch and feel of the room you could simply throw in some bright cushions or round pillows. Another simple way of doing it would be placing some stylish rugs on the floor. These always come in handy to bring a certain spot into prominence or create a special space. You could even hide old and worn out spots in your otherwise perfect carpet with the help of spot rugs; which come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. All that is required is that you open your mind up to the thought of designing and decorating your Living room without the help of a fistful of cash.

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