Mrs. Nandini Narendra- Maximum Space Utilization was the key to my spacious 2BHK

Design & Decor Selfies Dated:  March 29, 2014
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After having bought a trendy 2 BHK apartment in Delhi, I went a little overwhelmed as  a major task popped up- to design it accordingly with the maximum usage of the space. I have designed my home as per Vastu and have yet maintained a cosy interior with a traditional setting from my native place Orrisa.

My son, much enthusiastic Miheer, is always up with his adventures in and around home, so my home is designed keeping in mind his naive endeavours.

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The wall paints in the entire house bring a soothing effect. And yes, the living room is kept neutral, however, its simplicity is just enough to Make all heads turn- as my friends say! We have the garden view right from our drawing room, where we can watch over our kid while he plays around. The drawing room is maintained at low key with a motive of having a friendly gossip without much external interference. Furthermore, with kids around, it’s difficult to maintain too many artefacts.


The entire kitchen area is designed as per Vastu- which includes the direction of stove and the wash basin. The colour of the plywood used was   decided before we shifted here in 2006. .Miheer‘s favourite place is his room -of course! It’s cool with the goofy image it’s given which perfectly matches his vivacious Nature.

The pooja room, which is situated right in front of the entrance receives the first morning sunlight, which makes a halo behind the Pooja Mandir and then gets scattered indoors. Ahh!!  All I wish in the morning is to capture those playful beams!

Bedroom is my favorite space where I love to spend my quality time. The master suite, with wooden furnishing all over utilizes the space quite well. 

When it comes to personalizing your cosy 2Bhk, I would  suggest  making your house  spacious enough to walk around. This can be done only if you utilize the space pretty well.. Also, a clutter free home can incorporate any decor style..And as I had mentioned before, try using as many  wall furnishings as possible as it will help utilising space in a better way and you will have ample floor area to roam around. And not to mention, incorporate Vastu as  a part of décor to bring in positivity and go for a traditional Indian style setting that’s close to your soul as it soothes your mind and soul and you really feel like you are at HOME.

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