New Year Resolution For Your Home

Festive Decor Dated:  Jan. 3, 2014
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There is no better way to welcome the New Year than a great bash. In your party you are the host and all invitees are your "guests of honor". New Year's Eve is the only chance to celebrate and enjoy the last year, all at a glance.The most important thing in a New Year Eve party is that Party House. Make sure that the party room is perfectly decorated and organized. Colors play an important role in the decoration of a party room. If your party is a casual one, use bright colors and if it is more of a formal; then use silver or gold or anything more suitable.

Cover the tables with synchronized tablecloths. Certain other things like party horns and loud music players are an essential part of this party. Include items that can be used to add more charm and glamour to your party. Party hats, bubbles can be used to make the environment more attractive; installing small game stations for the kids can be a great incentive for the kids. It's their evening too after all.

Balloons bring in colorful impact at a party. Balloons make for beautiful decorations and at the same time they can be used in several different ways. You can use them to set up a fun game or party favors etc. If possible hire a professional to install a balloon drop which can be released at specific times to add more charm to the party.

A large banner can be fixed on the wall to write festive and funny messages. Hang up some paintings of colorful New Year Eve message so that the guests can feel the festive environment and the messages will become more entertaining as the party goes on. If you hold the privilege to have a dance floor in your

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House, make sure you have a disco ball hanging by some thread. Mint smoke accelerates the dance floor. The music should be changed at intervals according to the timings and guests mood.

Any New Year bash is incomplete without alcoholic beverages, especially Champagne, the queen of drinks. If you are serving Champagne then why not make it more interesting for your guests by having original champagne glasses. But handle them carefully as they are expensive too! And of course the guests should drink responsibly as it's a celebration and should remain so!

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