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Wall Accents Dated:  Feb. 17, 2014
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Design by: Ajmal Shaik

Not many of us are aware that we tend to personalize the space that we use. Whether you do it knowingly or unknowingly; the fact remains that when we create a home we are actually creating a very personal and private space that strongly reflects our persona. The walls of a home reflect our taste in art, aesthetics and our sense of beauty. The world is moving at a rapid pace and the options for decorating your walls too are changing at a fast pace. Gone are the days when all you found on the walls of a house was family pictures or a poster of Natural landscape. The modern age is bold, daring and willing to try whatever catches it’s fancy. Personalized wall plaques, personalized wall art and personalized wall canvas has become more common since when people started using custom design techniques.

Following are a few interesting ways to reflect your personality through the walls of your home-


Russian tycoons are known for their penchant for murals on their walls and there are those who have got their own selves along with their other half painted in those murals. But, they are not the only ones who have a special liking for murals on walls. Many an artist has been known for having painted the walls of their homes. It gives a rather artsy look and most certainly won’t be found in many homes. Especially Indian homes can have such beautiful ethnic art or even the Mughal court scenes done in the typical Rajasthani style. Let your walls turn into a canvas and make your abode feel like a piece of Art.


I believe Indian households are literally spoiled for choice when it comes to embellishing your walls with various artifacts. Be it the wooden heads representing the head hunting tribes

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Nagaland or the brass busts of Bastar hinterlands. Our country is a gold mine of all sorts of artifacts.  A bright Phulkari from the villages of Punjab can bring that spark to an otherwise dull and drab space on your walls. So can a hand woven rug from the villages at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas. I particularly love the Tibetan bowls that can be ensconced in the little alcoves of the wall. You can chose any region any state…the possibilities are amazing and never ending.


These are probably the easiest to put on and just as easy to take off also. Decal wall stickers and posters can transform your wall within minutes. You can bring the outside in with those colorful flowers, trees and even the water and the fish on your wall. Though I must say I am rather partial to the Night sky and Stars.


There are new ways of using Light in enhancing the looks and beauty of a room. Many people are using false ceiling and roofs to create soft glows of blues, reds and yellows. Very often these Lights offset the color on the wall and focus on a particular area or spot. These

A Person Carrying Heavy Load – Natural Pebble Stone Wall Art
Natural Pebble Stone Art – Two Persons Carrying Weight
Natural Pebble Stone Art – Two Persons Cheering Glasses
are often used to replace the harsh glare of normal tube lights and bulbs and though it does not provide full lighting it sets the mood of the room and can make the space instantly soothing and peaceful.
In the end no matter what you use…your personality is bound to reflect in the way you decorate and maintain the walls of your home. So be careful when you plan to renew the paint or replace a piece of wall hanging next time.


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