Pooja room Decor: Beyond Vaastu

Pooja Room Interiors Dated:  March 7, 2014
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Designed by Sonali Shah

Whenever we talk about Pooja rooms, we have a tendency to worship Vaastu way more seriously than the effort we put into decorating. In the end, Vaastu trumps everything else. And there’s good reason too. But that does not mean that you can’t have fun decorating. With these easy tricks, Pooja room decor has never been easier.

Usually, it is best if you get a corner designated for the deities, facing northeast. But, if that’s not possible, get a mandir area situated in the north, east, or northeast direction of your house. Vaastu suggests that a pooja room shouldn’t be in your bedroom or near your bathroom or kitchen, but if you don’t have a choice, you could make an exception. Getting a well-constructed mandir, readymade or customized,can give you the look that you hope for.
Poojaroom decor looks best minimalistic. Keep the idols slightly elevated from the ground. The idea being this being that one should have to look up to the Supreme Being while praying. You could simply place your idols on a shelf or an elevated yet low table. This eradicates the need for an elaborate mandir while still keeping your pooja room serene and beautiful.
Colors speak out the mood of a room. The ideal colors for a pooja room are calm and soothing, like whites, pale yellows and light shades of green. The colors you choose shouldn’t be too vibrant and fiddle with the mellow atmosphere that a pooja room deserves.

If you have a dedicated pooja room, use bells to deck up the entrance. If you have just a niche or an alcove for a pooja room, decorate the entrance with bells and toran nonetheless, because it looks pretty and in a pooja room, less is more. 
Light up your poojaroom with lamps

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incense sticks and invite positivity and prosperity into your house. Fire and fragrance eradicate the negativity stuck in your home and hence these rituals help purify the place of worship.

Remember, that you should keep your pooja room neat and clean at all times. It is said that God lives in your heart, but it is also time to summon Him into your home. We hope that we could help. Do share your ideas of Pooja Room Decor with us.

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